Kris Jenner must be overcome with pride right about now. No, seriously, she's no doubt over-the-moon that her youngest daughters underage late-night antics at a sex-themed nightclub are proving to be such the attention grabber. Kendall and Kylie Jenner's jaunt at L.A.'s Vignette has everyone begging the question…did Screech make them some fake IDs (like the club's manager claims) so they could ambush Jeff at The Attic?

Of course, if teenage shenanigans aren't your cup of tea, Kris makes sure that there is something for everyone when her children are over exposed in the media. How about some dish on the post-baby selfie seen 'round the world? Apparently Kim Kardashian and Kanye West worked tirelessly to get the perfect "casual shot." Gracious…I love how humble this family is!


As for Kendall and Kylie's recent 'bout at a club where they weren't legally allowed to be, the Internet is a buzz with conflicting stories. Did the teens get in easily underage because the doorman recognized the famous duo or was he duped by some false identification?

Unfortunately for the two young reality stars, their behavior has attracted the attention of the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.  TMZ is reporting that officials would love to make an example out of the sisters for underage drinkers everywhere if they did in fact get into the club with illegal identification. Sources claim that the ABC has requested video surveillance from the night in question, and the club is happily cooperating as the manager stands by his story of no funny business on the part of the club.

Poor Kim has been trying to steal the attention back from her younger siblings by posting bathing suit selfies on Instagram, but Life & Style has a source that claims her photo was anything but easy and casual.

An insider tells the tabloid, "Kim was dying to get a picture of her in a bathing suit," adding, “She took so many pictures and deleted them before her and Kanye decided on the one she posted. He had the ultimate say about Kim putting up the picture and decided which one he liked best.”

For his part, the tiny rapper commented on the photograph, "COMING HOME NOW." Bless him.

This news is so…not shocking.

[Photo Credit: Instagram]

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