Access Hollywood Blacklisted From Kim Kardashian’s Birthday Party Over Negative Review of Kris Jenner’s Talk Show!

kris jenner

Well, it's official: Kris Jenner's ego has swallowed L.A. whole. 

Tonight is Kim Kardashian's big ole birthday bash in Las Vegas and one of Hollywood's largest media outlets was BLACKLISTED from the soiree by pimpmama Kris!  Access Hollywood went public with the behind-the-scenes insanity, claiming that they were given the boot from tonight's festivities and it's all because they were HONEST when they gave a less than stellar review of Kris' craptastic talk show this summer! 

AH wrote on their site, "first, her talk show was not great and she is not a talk show host, no shame in that. The landscape is littered with failed talk shows… Bethenny is finding that out right now…"


They continue, explaining that they are no TMZ or one of the many other sites who cater to Kris' every leaked story, "Access Hollywood reports on the Kardashians. We have fun with the Kardashians, but we are not mouth pieces for the Kardashians. There are plenty of other outlets that are. We cover the Kardashians fairly. We talk about their family and how it seems they are very close knit. We talk about how you don’t see any of the family members stumbling out of bars like other famous Hollywood families. We talked about Kris being a “marketing genius.” We have also criticized them where we felt it was justified." 

And this will burn Kimmie's buns "The facts are the Kardashians are famous for being famous. They have taken what Paris Hilton started and taken it to a new level. That is no small feat." 

Kris and Kim have changed since the days of desperation and sex tapes, "When they were just starting out on this journey, they would take any publicity they could get, now it appears they are being selective. That is their right. Our right is to cover the family as openly and fairly as we cover all of Hollywood and despite the “blacklist,” that’s exactly what we will keep on doing." 

Access Hollywood wins our "made of awesome" award of the week.  Kudos for sharing the ugly truth about the Kardashian-Jenner spin machine and not just sitting by letting PimpMonster Kris get away with her ridiculousness! 



Photo Credit: Getty Images