Private Lives of Nashville Wives

Hold onto your… CMT awards? There's a trashy really amazing new reality show on the way about the famous wives of Nashville. So this is like the soap opera Nashville only with less hottie McDeacon and more crazie mcblondie reality stars. Sign me up! 

Private Lives of Nashville Wives will be coming to TNT in a few months and the network must know they have a hit on their hands because they are unveiling the brand new bunch of famewhore wannabes cast already! Let's meet the ladies. I can presumptively call them "ladies" because I haven't seen them in action yet. 

Let's meet these ladies!



Cassie Chapman: She's the third wife of Christian music legend (and Grammy-nominated songwriter) Gary Chapman. The former Hooters waitress is twenty-three years younger than her highly acclaimed hubby and the couple is trying to start a family. However their age-difference makes her a "handful" for her husband. [Photo Credit: Facebook]


Jenny Terrell: "This high-powered exec cuts through the bull and isn't afraid to call anyone out. She works hard for her money and is in-the-know of all the country industry parties" Jenny is also married to one of Nashville's premiere event planners JT Terrell. Together they are definitely a power couple! Jenny seems to have it all from family to career. [Photo Credit: Twitter]


Erika Page White: A former soap opera star on One Life To Live, she's married to platinum-selling artist Bryan White. After a nine-year hiatus from career to focus on her family, she's ready for a comeback, but it ain't easy! Which means it's time for reality TV! [Photo Credit: twitter]


Sarah Davidson: She's married to award-winning songwriter Dallas Davidson, who has a whopping 16(!) number 1 hits under his belt! Unfortunately she's tired of living in her husband's uber-successful shadow and is ready to make a name for herself. "While others may be content to be the stay-at-home wife of a songwriter with 16 number one hits, Sarah strives to establish her own singing career." [Photo Credit: Instagram]

Ana Fernandez: The unmarried one of the cast! She's a single mother of two who is looking for love.


Betty Malo: Betty is Ana's identical twin sister – who also happens to have the life her sister dreams of. Married to Mavericks' lead singer and songwriter Raul Malo, Betty is also a successful jewelry designer. Betty hopes she can positively influence her sister, who doesn't necessarily want her advice. She's also a mother of three. [Photo Credit: Instagram]


Tina Brady: She's considered a 'Friend of the Wives' this season and is married to Nashville's premiere dentist Stan Brady. She's a designer fashion diva who juggles managing her husband's booming practice with raising their children and her socialite obligations. [Photo Credit: Twitter]

A trailer for the explosive new series is available at TNT

[Photo Credit: TNT]

Private Lives of Nashville Wives premieres February 24th at 10/9c on TNT! 


A who's-who for the show! 

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