Wendy Williams Finds Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Camille Grammer’s Abuse Allegations To Be “Sketchy”

Dimitri Camille

You know who needs to stop talking for a little bit? Wendy Williams, In fact, I feel kind of badly talking about her and giving her more attention, but her latest shenanigans need to be addressed. Domestic violence knows no boundaries, be it social, economic, or age, and we're all often guilty of blaming the victim…or doubting their recollection of events. I'm not saying that every woman who has claimed to be abused actually was, but on the flip side, do I want to be the one who makes that call? No. If someone's life is so sad that they feel the need to make false accusations, they don't need my judgment.

That said, just because someone is a person we like to snark on or seems generally horrible to be around, doesn't mean that they deserve to have someone put their hands on them. We all love to hate the often violent Evelyn Lozada, but her attitude doesn't warrant her ex-husband's behavior towards her any more than we excuse her behavior towards past co-stars. Sorry, that was a lot to get off my chest, but with the recent news of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer suffering abuse at the hand of her boyfriend Dimitri Charalambopoulos, Wendy Williams has felt the need to put in her two cents…and to her, Camille's story sounds "sketchy." Geez.


The Daily Mail is breaking down a recent episode of Wendy's talk show where she shared her thoughts on Camille's story. While discussing the how serious the domestic violence epidemic is, she seems to imply that Camille is crying wolf.

On Wednesday, Wendy told her audience, "This abuse is very, very serious and because we are women and we’re delicate of sex, it’s very easy to run and say a man abused us and people tend to believe that," adding, "This story definitely needs more investigation and definitely sounds sketchy to me.'

Going through Camille's account of events, Wendy questioned why Camille didn't just run into the hotel lobby to get help. Really? Not only was Camille likely terrified, but there is something incredibly humiliating about outing someone that your friends and family believe treats you well. Again, I am not ignoring the fact that people do make up these stories, but, gracious, I feel just as sorry for those sad folks as well!  

And speaking of outing Dimitri, Wendy wondered why Camille was so quick to share pictures of her broken phone, fat lip, and hair clumps (all allegedly fall out from the episode). Wendy asserted, "I hope that you’re not playing us because you’re currently not on TV, continuing, "Fame is a drug." Welp, Wendy would know, right? 

Wendy also promised her audience, "We’re going to keep following this story, but I am totally not convinced of ANY of the above."

I really may be at a loss for words.  It's a first, I know!


[Photo Credit: FayesVision/WENN.com]