Former Real Housewives Of Miami’s Ana Quincoces Bashes Marysol Patton; Doesn’t Miss Being On RHOM


Dah-yum. Former Real Housewives of Miami star Ana Quincoces is clearly no longer under the muzzle of a Bravo contract, and she has a lot (and I mean A LOT to say). Whether it's dishing about her one-time co-stars or trying to set the record straight about how little she cares about her time on the show (is it weird that I actually believe her?), Ana is holding nothing back in recent post on her personal blog. Don't even get me started about what she's been unleashing on Twitter in light of the RHOM reunion! Enough fluff from me, let's get to it!

Ana begins, "First, I am not bitter that I am no longer a “housewife”. It is an unfortunate reality that this show did not perform as expected. Maybe it failed to provide that magic element that makes a show a hit. But I have been quite satisfied sitting on the sidelines. All season I felt like I had dodged a bullet, and I am grateful that my airtime was significantly reduced. Had it been up to me, I would not have appeared at all this season, particularly since I was not given a voice."


When it comes to sharing her feelings on former co-stars, Ana doesn't hold her tongue. Oddly enough, I feel like she's right. I guess the lawyer in her has had lots of practice with persuasive writing. Check out an excerpt of her post below!

On Lisa Hochstein:

Another matter that merits addressing is the Cuban bashing by Lisa this season. It was uncalled for and it is unacceptable. If you have a problem with the Cuban community, perhaps Miami is not the place for you. There were at least 3 instances where she mentioned Cubans in a derogatory way. The look on her face and the disparaging manner with which she said “Cuban” coupled with the mocking and deliberate mispronunciation of my last name (she said it correctly many times) is a testament to her bias. Had there been 3 African American women on the show, I doubt Lisa would have indulged her political incorrectness. Saying someone is part of a “Cuban gang” is the equivalent of saying someone is part of a “Black gang”- and you can be certain that would never be televised.

Other than her disdain for Cubans, I have no real issues with Lisa. She is someone who has not accomplished very much in her life, at least not yet. I hope she realizes one day that life is about more than partying, plastic surgery, and Birkins. Much more.

On Ana's comments that was perceived to be about Lea Black's son RJ:

An issue that has come up on occasion is the nonsense of me supposedly attacking Lea’s son. From what I have seen RJ is a smart, good natured young man. I would never attack a child. I am saddened that anyone would say that my “socially awkward” comment was directed at him. I was defending my daughters from a comment Lea made (that did not air, of course) about my girls being “socially inept potty mouths who would never marry”. Truth be told, it is those people who believed the comment to be about RJ that should be ashamed. It is those people who labeled him, not me.

Furthermore, when I uttered the words “socially awkward” Lea merely rolled her eyes (she knew exactly to what I was referring) yet everything else I said incensed her to the point that she had to dramatically stand up and point fingers to retort. If she thought I was referring to RJ, would she not have lunged at me in his defense? She has certainly lunged at others for a lot less.

On last year's reunion:

As far as last year’s reunion is concerned, I did not “act out” to secure another season. Frankly, I never thought my role was in jeopardy. Maybe I was naïve, but I felt that my storyline along with my beautiful, smart, and interesting (albeit sometimes inappropriate) daughters was enough.

What you saw at the reunion was nothing more than my reaction to some facts, some rumors, and a whole lot of strategically planted information. Add to that my insatiable quest for truth and justice- and the result is… well, explosive. Needless to say, a reunion couch is no courtroom, Andy is no judge, and perhaps most importantly, trials are never ever edited. Regrets? None. Lesson learned? Absolutely.

People who want to be on TV will do anything to do so, at the expense of their friendships, at the risk of being exploited or exploitive, and most importantly, at the expense of their own dignity. Perhaps they will never have another opportunity to quench their thirst for the spotlight. I have no real animosity towards any of these ladies, I even consider a couple of them friends, but I certainly would not call on any of them if I needed a kidney transplant.

On Marysol Patton:

While I spent many an episode last year defending Marysol, she and I are no longer friends. There was no dramatic fallout or any one explosive altercation; just the quiet, slow, and painful disintegration of what I believed was a true friendship, and the realization that I had been duped. Not only did I embrace Marysol’s friendship, I made her part of my family (as many can attest). I included her in every birthday celebration, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years, Groundhog Day, you name it. If there was a meal or a celebration, Marysol was included.

Marysol doesn’t know how to be a friend, at least not in the true sense of the word. Perhaps her reluctance to defend me at Thomas Kramer’s dinner should have been a clue. Sure she’ll invite you to parties and events (with invites she garners by using the “housewives” moniker), but don’t expect loyalty. Loyalty is not Marysol’s strong suit. Yes, I was warned. Not only by Lea and Elaine but by many people around town who know her well.  Even Mama Elsa’s insistence on maintaining a friendship with Lea, her daughter’s nemesis, was very telling. But still, I didn’t believe them. I was certain they were wrong. I am, after all, a great judge of character. Aren’t I?

Once Marysol and I were downgraded- something that relieved me tremendously but devastated her greatly, she began to position herself as an instrumental part of every fulltime housewives storyline. Well, at least those who would have her. She began to share confidential information which I had entrusted to her with producers to leverage her position. She excluded me as often as she could, but much worse, she failed to include me when she easily could have.  She knew that eliminating me would ensure that she had more airtime. I found her disloyalty painful but I continued to be friendly with her despite her antics. After all, she was keeping me from being on a show I had very little interest in anymore.

Marysol seemed determined to get back to full time status at any cost.  Her biggest concern was getting a frail Mama Elsa out of the hospital so that she could film with her.  After all, Andy loves Elsa and the viewers adore her. But after having a serious stroke and brain surgery at her advanced age, filming a reality show could not have been Elsa’s top priority and certainly not that of her medical team. Who knows, perhaps some YouTube video with a bedridden Elsa will emerge debunking this statement. I think the video of a very sick Mr. Patton at this year’s reunion (which by the way, proved nothing) exemplifies the lengths Marysol will go to appear “relevant” (the most overused word in the housewife lexicon).

On her fans:

One thing I have learned by being in the public eye is that it is impossible to please everyone. There will be those who criticize me for sharing this. There will be those who will criticize me for not showing up at the reunion. Some will even accuse me of sharing this to make myself more, wait for it…RELEVANT. The reality is that my fans, those who interact with me on social media, those who attend my events, and those who have really followed the trajectory of my career know that being “relevant” on RHOM is number 1,000,000,000 on the list of the things I care about.  More importantly, the fans that tweet me, Facebook and Instagram message me, and email me on a daily basis have a right to know the truth.

I am at a wonderful place in my life right now. I, like many of you, have had my share of heartache and disappointment- but there was always a light at the end of the tunnel beckoning me and encouraging me to power through. It was worth the effort. I feel lucky, I feel blessed. I am excited about the future and the opportunities that have presented themselves to me. I will continue to keep you abreast of my wedding plans, my books, my food line, and my upcoming TV projects. I hope that you will keep me abreast of all the blessings in your life too.

Wowsers. She certainly called out Marysol, didn't she? If you think the blog is bad, check out what she tweeted during the reunion!

ana q tweet 1

ana q tweet 2


I'd certainly love to have a sit-down chat with Ana…just remind me to stay on her good side!


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