Brandi Glanville Is Ready To Stop Feuding With Eddie And LeAnn (Yeah, Right!); Joanna Krupa’s Lady Bits Smell Like Roses!


Bravo has created its fair share of monsters, no doubt about it. However, what's a gal to do when it creates two monsters, and those monsters start feuding very publicly about feminine hygiene? With whom do you side? It's a conundrum, I tell you!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Brandi Glanville has gone out of her way to prove she's not just another overly Botoxed pretty face…she's got a mouth on her, too! You recall the hullabaloo surrounding her accusing Real Housewives of Miami's Joanna Krupa of breaking up Yolanda Foster's marriage. Well, the always demure and camera shy Joanna has responded. Class acts, people.  Class acts.


Before we get to Joanna's retort, let's check in on all things Brand-i. Oh wait…there is no "brand" in Brandi according to the RHOBH star. She tells Fox News,  “I hate that word because people say it all the time and you hear people say ‘protecting my brand,’ but it is like you’re protecting yourself. I am honestly just trying to do things that will be for the long run even after the reality TV world has come to an end,” adding, "My long-term goals are to buy a house for the kids; we are still renting. I want to secure a financial future for us. My kids are going to start private school soon.”

Talking for the bazillionth time about the status of her co-parenting with the equally annoying Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes, Brandi admits, "I don’t want all this crap to go on forever, for my kids’ sake, too. For the first time in a while I sat down the other day at parent-teacher conferences and we all got along. It was easy and it made me feel there was hope. I don’t see us sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner, but I want to get along with them and to negotiate easily.”

Discussing the phenomenon of housewives slapping their name on any product they can, Brandi explains, “I’ve been asked to do different business ventures, like through skincare and this and that, and they will send me the products. But I have turned down a lot of money because I didn’t believe in the stuff they sent me. I am honest and I want to believe in anything I promote.”

Of her early career modeling, Brandi recalls, “I’ve been told I’m not a face girl, I was a body girl, and all I could do was runway. Karl Lagerfeld sent me home from a fashion show in Rome because he said I had a short neck. I was crying and didn’t understand, since then I was always concerned with my neck. I was told I was fat, even though at the time I weighed 100 pounds and was 5-10. It can be tough."

Brandi concludes, “And I think for a long time I did lose my ambition and was just happy being the woman behind the man, changing diapers and making dinner. I didn’t have goals for myself other than being a great mother and wife… I am still figuring out who I am and what I want, but I am really having a good time doing it.”

You know who else is having a good time, eating at Mr. Chow and fielding questions from the paps? Joanna was recently dining with her poor new husband Romain Zago who assured TMZ that his wife's nether regions smelled like roses. Not able to leave well enough alone even at Romain's requests that Joanna not stoop to Brandi's level, Jo told whoever would listen, "I understand she's bitter because her hot husband left her…maybe hers smells and that's why he left her."

Yup, so much for taking the high road!


Photo Credit: BravoTV