Love & Hip Hop’s Tara Wallace Explains Plan B Confession; Isn’t Worried About STDs From Peter Gunz

tara wallace

Spin that Statement 101 must be a required course at the Community College of Ratchet Reality because the folks on Love & Hip Hop are making the grade! Viewers seem to be repulsed by Peter Gunz for hopping between two women, but they are also a tad weirded out that the women seem to put up with his horrifically disrespectful behavior! Tara Wallace kicked Peter out of their shared apartment when she learned that he'd married (yes, married!) Amina Buddafly behind her back, yet she still fell into bed with Peter. 

When Amina learned of her alleged husband's infidelity (how could she even be remotely surprised?), she doubted that he would cheat. Upon hearing this news, Tara seemed almost proud that she'd gotten back at the woman who ruined her family by announcing that not only was she still sleeping with Peter, but she'd taken Plan B a few times in as many months. You know, to each their own, but it gives me the heebie jeebies to think of having unprotected sex with someone you know full well is doing the same with other partners.

I guess we can agree to disagree because Tara doesn't see that as the case. In a recent interview, Tara defends her actions while admitting that she's no longer dumb enough to keep sleeping with Peter. Well, at least there's that!


Speaking to Cocoa Fab, Tara reveals that she isn't proud of her moments of weakness with Peter. She tells the site, “To revisit old territory would show a sign of weakness and most people don’t accept that those moments were for me and not for him. There are real emotions here and I’m not a robot,” adding, “The truth is, sometimes I do miss him physically. It doesn’t make my goal change which is that I know I can’t continue to do that and I don’t continue to do that. Sometimes you take five steps forward and fall back three.”

Insisting that she has cut off Peter from her lady bits, Tara shares, “It is embarrassing but the one thing that I have been from the beginning is very honest. These are moments I chose to engage in and it doesn’t make me a weak person, it makes me human. That brought me to the place where I said I used Plan B and people went insane I think.”

Addressing her detractors, Tara claims that just because she took Plan B doesn't mean she and Peter were having unprotected sex. She states, “First of all, women have fought for the right to choose their own methods of birth control and women take birth control every day. Just because I want to be on the safe side and use Plan B doesn’t make me a bad person. That’s why it’s there, actually. Even in having protected sex things happen. I can’t allow a mishap to happen while having protected sex with Peter. I still have to protect myself.”

Tara continues, “In this mess up that I allowed myself to participate in do I want that to result in having a child? No. As a responsible person I go and make sure I’m doing the right thing for myself. Birth control is to prevent pregnancy and Plan B is to stop the process from happening.”

Despite her need for Plan B, Tara assures viewers that she was never concerned about contracting a sexually transmitted disease from Peter. She says, “I wasn’t scared for my health to be honest because Peter and I get tested and we are very much on top of our health. Peter is actually a complete germaphobe. When we first met, he said he had a thing about kissing girls on the mouth. We went months before we actually kissed on the mouth. We are very much so responsible people in that light. Despite what you see on the show with his other relationship, we’re not just careless people.”

I'm sorry, but I don't care how careful you think your partner is, you can't trust the other partners you know he or she has. And when I think of couples not kissing on the mouth,all I can think of is Pretty Woman, and hence, prostitution. Is that weird? Spin, spin, spin, reality stars!


[Photo Credit: VH1]