Shocking! Love & Hip Hop’s Season 6, Episode 2, Pregnancy Announcement

amina-tara-peter-lhhIt seems that spouses Peter Gunz (pictured center) and Amina Buddafly (pictured left) of Love & Hip Hop are giving good relationship tomfoolery this season.  The on again/off again but never really apart pair, got into a heated argument over who else…Peter’s ex gal pal and baby momma, Tara Wallace (pictured right).  The women verbally duked it out while Peter stood on the sidelines watching and it all ended up in a pearl-clutching moment, when Amina announced she was pregnant!


Well, Tara moved into Amina and Peter’s Yonkers, New York apartment complex for the good of their children, who are half siblings (Amina has one child, Tara has two) and all fathered by ‘the creeper.’  The triangle got even messier because Peter, who is still very married to Amina, once again, got vertical with Tara.  Since a woman’s intuition is never wrong, Amina decided she needed to have it out with her rival.  The German-born singer felt she needed to know, if her husband did in fact pay Tara and her bed, a visit.  The women met at a promenade where Tara was working out.  The females got into an argument because Tara opted to remain mum about her dalliance with Peter.  Amina wound up taking flight.

Later, Tara invites Peter to her apartment in a calculated move to get him to fess up, to see if whether or not he is still living with Amina as man and wife.  In his usual fashion, Peter, who wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped him upside his bald head, kept going around in circles about his relationship, until the doorbell rang.

Enter Amina….

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Now the trio is forced to confront the truth and Peter has no choice but to come clean about his feelings for both his ladies.  Accusations are flying back and forth across the room by all three and Peter looks, as if he is dazed by all that’s going on.  Suddenly, out of left field, Amina winds up and smacks Peter hard across the face when she hears, that her husband did in fact bed Tara and it’s apparent, that he’s still feeling his ex.

As Amina storms out of the apartment, she leaves behind one juicy morsel for the exes…she’s preggers!

And so the plot thickens….


(Photo credit:  VH1)