Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Recap: Three’s Company In This Crowd

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Last night was the second and final installment of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion show. It certainly did not disappoint, especially on the heels of the announcement of Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J’s upcoming spin off. Host Nina Parker tried her best to reign in the crew, but we all know that never works! Lil’ Scrappy and Erica Dixon got into it over child support, and there was a huge revelation about Mimi Faust. Let’s dive on in, shall we?

The reunion begins with Joseline responding to her statement on an After Party episode that Mimi was her b*tch as well as Stevie’s. She reveals that the pair had a threesome together. Mimi doesn’t deny it, instead she just claims to be sickened by Joseline. Stevie reiterates his same old tired excuse that he had many foggy nights back in the day. It gets pretty intense as Joseline describes the encounter shared, adding that a lot of begging took place. Mimi clarifies that it wasn’t a threesome by definition. Instead, she and Joseline took turns with Stevie, but they were all present. Momma Dee interrupts to remind everyone that as long as you’re having fun that’s all that matters. Ariane never knew about this dalliance, but she’s proud of her friend for being so adventurous. Wasn’t a sex tape adventurous enough? Everyone claims it was a one time thing, and Joseline apologizes for her treatment of Mimi which Mimi seems to accept it. They agree that Stevie has been the root of their issues. Stevie thinks it’s going to be a great night for him–perhaps a replay that he’ll remember this time?


We are treated to footage of Mimi and Stevie’s attempt to run a management company together. Of course, it’s really just Mimi trying her hand at finding decent hip-hop artists…and failing miserably. Jessica Dime, Margeaux, Deb Atney, Tiffany Foxx, and Dawn join the group on stage. It is a face off between actual managers and pretend managers. Dawn defends herself from accusations that she tried to steal Jessica Dime away from Mimi’s management. Jessica sites Mimi’s several snafus with managing talent and it turns into round two for Jessica and Tiffany. Nina intervenes to ask Rasheeda Frost how she would feel if her manager invited her to a meeting that another artist would be attending as well. Rasheeda says she wouldn’t have a problem with it, but she believes it’s always best to keep things separate. Mimi admits that she didn’t know exactly what she was doing at the time, and Jessica concedes that she appreciates Mimi for trying.

lhhatl reunion

Margeaux talks tough, saying she would’ve participated in Jessica’s showcase regardless because she’s a true artist and she wasn’t trying to please Mimi or anyone else. However, she’s interrupted when Dime gets into an altercation with an audience member. Huh? Next in the hot seat is the royal family. Dee, Ernest, Scrappy, Erica, and the Bambi have to face their actions this season. We’re treated to Dee and Ernest’s love story past and present, as well as that ridiculous promissory ring and Dee’s children’s disdain for their former (now current) stepfather. Dee gets teary watching her proposal play out once again, and the wedding party shenanigans are highlighted. Ernest and Dee explain their history. In fact, it was Ernest who taught Dee how to be a pimp…literally. Dee embarrasses Scrappy by reminding him that he still owes her money–because he once got some free action from one of her girls. So yeah, she was an actual pimp. They discuss Dee’s promissory ring upgrade, and Nina asks Bambi if she plans on an upgrade soon as well. Scrappy swears it’s in the near future.

The topic turns to Scrappy and Erica’s child support dispute. Scrappy defends himself by saying he and Erica had a verbal agreement that they would each be totally responsible for their daughter when she was in their care. He finds it disingenuous that she now it’s coming back for court ordered child support. Scrappy promises he’s never withheld any money when it comes to the care of their daughter. Erica counters that she was only asking for him to pay insurance which is $150 a month, yet he was not able to provide that for her. When asked if Bambi is a distraction to Scrappy’s daughter’s care, Erica calls her irrelevant. Scrappy accuses Erica of ignoring their daughter when she’s traipsing around with her new football player boyfriend. Dee reminds the audience that if they don’t want a child they should keep on the condom. Scrappy gets heated and throws a wadded up piece of paper at Erica. At least it’s not glass!

lhhatl reunion scrappy bambi

After that debacle, Nina moves on to Kaleena and husband Tony Vick. From their money issues to her battle with postpartum depression, scenes from the season cover it all. Kaleena shares that her struggle was hard, but it has been therapeutic. Kaleena and Deb go head to head over Deb’s career advice for the artist. Kaleena promises she wasn’t trying to disrespect Deb, but she was hurt by their entire interaction. Not surprisingly (because Deb is awesome), the women hug it out and make amends. Next Rasheeda must face Kaleena and Karlie Redd. She certainly had a lot of beef with her to former friends! Joseline interjects to call Rasheeda shady and remind her of her situation with K. Michelle. She states that Rasheeda didn’t come for K. Michelle like she’s now coming for Karlie and Kaleena. Off-topic, are those boots that Rasheeda is wearing? Rasheeda swears up and down that she never discussed Tony and Kalenna’s financial downfall. Both women agree that the smack talking was misconstrued. However, Kaleena has Karlie’s back when Rasheeda tries to play the role of supportive friend. Rasheeda never makes an effort to connect with her friends according to Kaleena and Karlie. Erica even gets into the fray accusing Rasheeda of not being there for her with her issues with Scrappy. Rasheeda leaves the reunion with Kirk citing that she doesn’t feel well. We believe you.

Joseline and Stevie are slated to perform live, but Margeaux jumps in to say that she doesn’t want to see either “trash bucket” on stage. When Ashley Nicole looks scared you know it’s bad! Margeaux storms off set to Stevie’s applause. As comic relief, we get to see footage of a lot of twerking, praying, and otherwise ridiculous antics–including Stevie offering his special sauce to Mimi and Dee’s wedding trumpeters. Stevie jokes that he plans to bottle his special sauce after Joseline shrieks that she won’t let it anywhere near her. The couple plays coy when asked about relocating to Los Angeles. They can’t fool us!

lhhatl reunion stevie margeaux fight

Backstage, Margeaux and Nikko are livid at Stevie and Joseline’s actions, and Margeaux believes that neither have any talent. I’m not going to lie, it takes everything I have not to fast forward through Joseline’s performance. Just kidding. I totally fast forwarded. As the reunion concludes, everyone seems to be in a much better place than they were when it started. Joseline thanks Stevie and the audience as Deb wipes a tear from her eye. She’s so proud. I’m totally going to rewind and watch it now! Mimi rushes the stage to give a heartfelt speech to her ex Stevie. She doesn’t want a sexual relationship with him, she just wants a friendship with her daughter’s father. Mimi is grateful to Joseline for finally allowing that to happen. As the woman embrace,  the cast and crowd goes wild. I guess this is just paving the way for Mimi to join them on their spin off…scripted much!?


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