Tamra Barney Faces Setback In Court…Judge Wants A Custody Evaluation To Determine If Her Kids Should Be Allowed To Film For RHOC!


Well, it seems that Tamra Barney Judge may not be getting her way any time soon in regard to having her three children appear with her on Real Housewives of Orange County. Her ex-husband Simon Barney doesn't want the pair's kids anywhere near Bravo's cameras…and a judge may feel the same!

Tamra recently petitioned the court requesting that Simon's ban on the children being filmed be overturned. Simon claims that their two oldest children, fifteen-year-old Sidney and thirteen-year-old Spencer have been subjected to "social ridicule" by classmates after Tamra's often raunchy behavior on the show. Somehow I don't find that hard to believe in the least!


According to Radar Online, Tamra hit a snag in her master plan Friday when the judge ordered a custody investigation and evaluation to see if the children should be allowed to appear on the show. Tamra's attorneys are claiming that the reality star should be allowed to act alone in the decision as to filming during the times when she has physical custody.

That argument doesn't fly with Simon who alleges that Tamra is “seeking to take away my right to parent and make decisions regarding the lasting effects and impacts the show may have on my children.”

In a sworn declaration, Tamra stated, ““From a positive standpoint, I do not have to hold myself accountable to the Petitioner anymore for what I do on my own time. I am currently in a happy and 'healthy' marriage for the first time in a very long time. My husband and I having ‘fun’ at a bachelorette/bachelor party is not atypical of what other soon-to-be spouses do prior to getting married. In any event, we do not involve the children in any of these scenes and the Petitioner’s self-serving declaration and exhibits verify this fact.”

Tamra explains that her reason for wanting the ban overturned is because eight-year-old daughter Sophia has expressed an interest in appearing on RHOBH. She continues, “Petitioner attempts, in his response, to fit my request to adhere to Sophia’s wishes to film with me into the category of a ‘major decision.'" Um, yeah, I'd say that's a pretty major decision there, Tammy!

It seems the judge agrees. Simon's attorney tells the site, “The judge on the record stated, ‘This is not a routine decision that Ms Barney can make on her own, it’s a major decision. It requires both parties consent.'"

This is only going to get uglier, isn't it? 


[Photo Credit: Twitter]