Big Brother’s Britney Haynes Updates Fans On Baby Tilly’s Health


Big Brother's Britney Haynes recently expressed frustration over inaccurate information on the internet about daughter Tilly's health. On December 12, co-star Shane Meanley tweeted, "Answered prayers for Britney and her family! Surgery wasn't required for Tilly and the doctors believe the cancer is all gone." Britney took to her personal blog last week to explain why she was upset (not with Shane) – and to give fans an official update on Tilly.

Britney confirmed her family checked into St. Jude's Hospital on December 9. "We had traveled to St. Jude’s for Tilly’s resection surgery," she added. "After completing further scans, they determined that the surgery was ultimately too risky for the potential benefits and decided not to operate. So rather than spending the next week in ICU, we were on our way home the next day! Ryan and I were absolutely thrilled with this news. It was really more than either of us could have asked, given that we were informed at the beginning of her protocol that additional surgery would be involved."


Britney continued, "I tweeted earlier this week about inaccuracies in reporting on Tilly’s condition. I think that if I wasn’t in my own shoes, I wouldn’t know any different and would have drawn the same conclusion others did. But for some reason, it really frustrated me to be on the receiving end of so many messages about Tilly’s health that were extrapolated from a small piece of information. I can’t really explain exactly why it was so irritating. I am extremely protective of her and sometimes I can’t justify how I feel, I just know that I feel that way."

"Cancer never didn't happen," explained a frustrated Britney. "You don’t go from having cancer to not having cancer overnight. You don’t get to forget all about it and wake up the next day a totally normal person. At best, you get to be in one of various levels of remission. Don’t get me wrong, we were ecstatic to hear that she wasn’t having surgery and is moving onto the monitoring phase of her protocol, but like anyone who has had cancer or been close to a cancer patient knows, by no means is she done." 

Britney concluded, "She [Tilly] is doing incredibly well. We have had our last anticipated chemo and everyone is very optimistic about her continued health. She faces challenges going forward that stem from the original location of her tumor. I have no doubts, however, that she can overcome it all. We work hard every single day to get as much normalcy back for her as possible. She has shown so much progress and strength; I couldn’t be more proud of her. Thank you all for reading and caring for my sweet girl. I sincerely appreciate you." 

Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to Britney and her family. Please check out Together for Tilly for more information about St. Jude's Hospital and a prayer request from Britney for a little boy named Brody who is battling stage 4 Neuroblastoma. 

Photo Credit: Instagram