UPDATED – Big Brother: Britney Haynes’ Daughter Tilly Believed To Be Cancer Free


Big Brother's Shane Meaney shared the best news ever – Britney Haynes' infant daughter Tilly is believed to be cancer free! 


Tilly was diagnosed with cancer on Labor Day when she was just seven weeks old. Britney and Ryan's prayers were answered 101 days later.


Britney and her husband Ryan Godwin brought Tilly to St. Jude Hospital last Monday to prepare for her surgery, which was scheduled for Thurs, Dec 12. However, come Thursday, Tilly's doctors canceled the surgery because Tilly's cancer appears to be gone. We are so happy to hear this news!

Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to this amazing family. 

UPDATE:  Britney shared that this news may not be exactly the entire truth.  She took to Twitter to share, "inaccurate information about my daughter's health is extremely annoying to me. I'll update my blog when I can."  So, we're not sure if she's talking about the stories of Tilly's good health or if there are rumors spreading out there saying otherwise.  We'll keep you posted when she blogs it and many apologies if what we shared here via Shane's Twitter wasn't correct. Shane told us it came straight from Britney:


We'll post a new update after Britney blogs. Story developing….

Photo Credit: Instagram