Video: Reza Farahan Mocks Lilly Ghalichi; Shahs Of Sunset Trip To Turkey Preview


Season three of Shahs of Sunset is winding down. I, for one, am glad. I can only take this show in small doses.  I hit my limit somewhere between Reza Farahan's $3500 caviar foolishness and Mercedes "MJ" Javid's chocolate croissant meltdown

Last week, Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi's ongoing conflict with MJ boiled over into her relationship with her sister, Leila. Big. Time. Their exchange was ugly, sad, and unnecessary. Reza blogged similar feelings, adding, "I left that day wanting to call my sister to tell her how much she means to me, and I did." 

Sweet – but let's dissect the rest of Reza's Bravo blog before we get all warm and fuzzy. 😉 


About Mike Shouhed's take on Del Mar, Reza said, "I don't feel the same way as Mike, he doesn't pay attention and he doesn't recall facts. GG has been extremely aggressive with MJ on three separate occasions.  The first being at MJ's house in front of me, the second was at St. Feliz, where Asa and I were both present, and finally at Del Mar. GG was very close to striking MJ and after these three incidents, MJ called the 'naneh' (in Farsi it means the momma). I'm not saying MJ was right to call the momma, but MJ couldn't take anymore."

Reza continued, "When MJ said she wanted to ruin GG's life – I'm no expert, but I think calling the momma and telling her that her daughter is a c–t whore bitch should have been enough."  Enough?!?!  How about too much?  Not to mention childish! 

About MJ's spray tan, Reza shared, "Mike probably referred MJ to this place. He has a Bro-zilian wax job and his eyebrows are tweezed within an inch of his life. Watching MJ manage and maneuver those breasts gave me life; it was cracking my sh-t up. It looked as if she was trying to hold two oily watermelons that she just couldn't get a grip on. I can't believe how stupid I was for allowing my 'friendship' with Lilly to get in the way of me and MJ." 

Reza ripped apart Lilly Ghalichi next. "The scene with Lilly and her glam gays was more ridiculous than the outfit she wore to shop in."  Wait, what? Did Reza SEE the suit he wore to Asa's art show? 

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"It is clear that Lilly doesn't understand friendship – she thinks that money is exchanged in a friendship," continued Reza. "She surrounds herself with these shallow queens that tell her how fabulous she is as she's signing their checks. The best thing she said was that she wants to be friends with people that she's 'effortlessly friends with', AKA I don't want to put any work into my friendships, I'd rather pay for them."

About their talk, Reza said, "I knew that Lilly was hoping I'd beg her to come [to Turkey], but I honestly knew that we'd have a much better time without her there.  She starts in by telling me that Asa was her only friend.  If that's your passive aggressive way of trying to hurt my feelings, it worked. What she didn't know is that I had mourned the loss of that 'friendship' long before she called me. I was shocked to watch her tell Asa that I told her not to come. Lilly can be very manipulative in her effort to gain sympathy. Asa saw through her lies."

Reza loved Asa's art show. Reza added, "The conversation outside was getting heated between MJ and Jessica [Parido] Mike called it empowered, I call it frustration. Jessica has been very edgy lately, and who can blame her? I would have popped off on MJ too. This poor girl has been doing everything right, SHE WANTS A RING!" 

Ugh, Reza. Jessica spoke up to MJ because she was condescending and out of line. Period. I can't stand that he made it about Jessica being desperate for a piece of jewelry. I hope Reza and MJ are happy – they deserve each other. 

Tonight on Shahs of Sunset, Asa, Reza, Mike, GG, and MJ travel to Turkey for Asa's family reunion. Reality Tea will be live-tweeting the show – join us! 

Asa learns women are not allowed to tour a mosque:

Asa and her mom reunite with their family in Turkey:


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