Is Shahs of Sunset star Mercedes MJ Javid pregnant?  Reza Farahan and MJ are both Tweeting, hinting to the possibility that MJ is pregnant with Reza and Adam Neely's baby.

MJ started the rumor mill spinning when she Instagrammed a photo of desserts and wrote, "my weird cravings have already started! how will i make it through these 9 months? #shahs".   Everyone naturally started asking if she was pregnant and who the baby daddy is. 

Reza then stirred the pot by Tweeting this:



And then he Tweeted some emoticons that looked like Adam + MJ + Reza = baby.   So, I'm guessing what they're saying is MJ's egg, Adam's sperm and MJ carrying the baby for Adam and Reza?  No official "yes" or "no" from either reality star. 

So, do you think MJ is pregnant already? Or maybe she has just agreed to be a potential surrogate?  Or are they just being drama queens for attention and ratings for part 2 of the reunion this week?

A little interesting that they'd potentially pick a woman to carry their child after accusing her of being a drunk and a pill popper not tooooo long ago.

Photo Credit: Bravo TV

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