Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has been out of prison for four months now. Following her release, she said prison saved her life and she wanted to help others in similar situations. First up?  None other than Teen Mom 2 train wreck Jenelle Evans, who is no stranger to county lockup and expecting her second child this summer. 

This won't end well.  Speaking to a gossip magazine about Jenelle is not quite what I had in mind when Amber said she wanted to help others. Amber began, "It's not like you can wake up one day and be like, 'Hey, I'm clean' – it's irresponsible and immature." Addressing Jenelle, Amber added, "You have one child you need to think about before you have another."


“She went down the exact same path I did: unplanned pregnancy, addiction and bad relationships, having custody taken away," said Amber. "But it’s never too late for Jenelle to turn her life around. As scary as it seems, it [jail] would change her life for the better. There is a lot she has not learned yet, but she’s going to learn it the hard way, just like I did.”

Amber concluded, “Jenelle hasn’t hit rock bottom yet. But if her rock bottom is lower than mine, that makes me scared for her."

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I want to believe Amber's sincere and has Jenelle's best interests in mind, but this interview popped up just minutes after she talked to a different gossip magazine about a different co-star.  And boy did she drop a bombshell on us: Farrah Abraham doesn't play well with others!!  I KNOW – I couldn't believe it either! #sarcasm

“We hated each other for a long time," shared Amber. "Behind the scenes and at reunions, there were several incidents where things got heated. Nobody was backing down. We both at the time had some huge attitudes.”  Um, who hasn't Farrah been rude and dismissive to? I would have been way more interested if Amber had gushed about a nice and supportive Farrah. But I digress.

Sadly, it seems like Amber's creating unnecessary drama with her Teen Mom co-stars – not to mention the two biggest fame whores of the franchise – and relying on the gossip magazines as a source of income. Come on, Amber – if you truly want to "help" others, do so by setting a good example. Stop with the drama, go back to school, get a job, and be a good mom to Leah

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Jenelle – a creature of bad habits – took it to Twitter:  "Amber Portwood.. I never judged u or said one negative thing since u have been out of jail. Why start with me? Can't be happy I suppose." 

Jenelle continued,  "I've been clean for over a year.  Not to mention I'm in college now for a medical degree and financially stable 100%. Who is she to judge and never met me?"

My personal favorite tweet: "I love how I look towards more of the positive side of things, yet ex Teen Moms want to try to bring me down. It's sad, focus on yourself."  This… from the Queen of Sulia!!  Jenelle cashes in every time she writes a "shocking" headline about another Teen Mom star.


Photo Credit: MTV/Instagram

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