Teen Mom 2’s Adam Lind Charged With Five Crimes Following Fiery Car Crash


So our Idiot of the Day Week award goes to Adam Lind from Teen Mom 2

In case you missed it, the Teen Mom 2 star crashed his car last week. Adam, who was pulled from the wreckage by a witness, suffered a concussion. What's left of his Corvette is burnt to a crisp.  The elderly couple Adam hit suffered broken bones. All in all, they're extremely lucky to be alive, but broken bones in an 87 year old and a 94 year old are a big deal in my opinion. 

Adam, 23, has been charged with five crimes:  reckless driving, driving with a revoked license,  driving with a suspended license,  driving an unlicensed vehicle, and not having insurance.  Sioux Falls Police confirmed neither drugs nor alcohol played a part in the crash. Just stupidity.  


Each charge is considered a misdemeanor.  However Adam's record – which includes nearly 50 crimes! – will not help his case.  If I were the judge, I'd lock Adam's irresponsible ass in jail and give Papa Randilicious the key.

Following the accident, Taylor Halbur, girlfriend & mother of Adam's second child,  tweeted,  "Sometimes we forget how precious life is.. never take it for granted. It is a fragile thing and we never know what the future holds." Taylor has since deleted her Twitter page. 

As far as we can tell – Randy and Chelsea Houska have kept their opinions about Adam's accident to themselves. This says a lot about their character if you ask me.  🙂  Can you see Jenelle Evans keeping quiet if one of her exes wrecked his car and faced similar charges?  Hell to the no!!


Photo Credit: MTV