Oh, VH1, you never disappoint! The network that brought us the classic Love & Hip Hop franchise is at it again, hoping to target that professional, unmarried woman in her mid to late '20s who totally has her life together but “doesn’t see any shame in watching provocative, fun TV.” Sounds about right! I know these women, and I can see them joining me in a marathon of Naked Dating. Yes. Because that's going to be a show thanks to the art of blurring out body parts!

Nudity not your thing? Perhaps you'd rather watch cameras follow around my favorite Backstreet Boy Nick Carter or get lost in the nail-biting excitement of a traveling paternity testing truck. Who needs ice-cream when it has DNA? Still not convinced? How about K. Michelle's as yet untitled project. So she was telling the truth! The network is also debuting show that chronicles embarrassing hook-up walks of shame. Let me set my DVR (no, really).


The Hollywood Reporter has the breakdown on some of the network's latest and greatest. Speaking of K. Michelle, the Untitled K. Michelle Project (is that maybe the actual title?) follows the singer as she navigates her music and relationships in the Big Apple. Wait, wasn't that what Love & Hip Hop was supposed to do? 

The Walk of Shame Shuttle is a truly a brilliant business idea. Undergrad (and genius) Kellyann Wargo charges drunken college students $5 for a ride home the morning after a slew of bad decisions. Likening the show to Taxicab Confessions, I kind of wish this had been around when I was in college. Not for me, of course!

I Heart Nick Carter will follow the troubled boy bander's race to the alter with fiancee Lauren Kitt. One of the promised pitfalls? Jealous fans. There's one right here, Nick

Swab Stories is effectively a Maury Povich wannabe wondering around neighborhoods giving folks the opportunity to find out he IS the father. The mobile DNA testing van is aptly called "Whose Your Daddy" and I cannot wait for it to premiere this summer. Also on tap is a show that follow female white rappers and the culture of NYC's number one hip-hop radio station. 

VH1 is clearly stepping up their game!



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