Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 Cast

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Headed For A Complete Recast? Joseline Hernandez Rates Her Co-Stars!

The powers that be at VH1 are tired of the stale, overly amped up, trashy, and frankly frightening drama that dominates Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and are considering of starting over with a completely new cast.

Reports say even K. Michelle, Stevie J, Joseline, and Mimi Faust have been fired, as the network scrambles to take the show off the crazy train. With the cast continually engaged in nastier and nastier feuding, network execs and producers are fed up. The reunion is filming today or tomorrow, and will weigh heavily into the decision of who stays – if anyone. “Best Behavior” – whatever that means to Joseline, etc. – is to be expected!


The Daily Beast confirms the cast has already been warned that their contracts will not be renewed, and the network is not only actively casting in Atlanta – its highest rated franchise – but also going forward with plans to expand to other cities. Execs are said to be so disgusted with the Atlanta crew, they’ve even taken the possibility of post-firing spinoffs off the table – which is huge considering that some of the cast, such as Stevie J and Joseline, have a big, ummm… fanbase(?) for ratings. 

So, what finally pushed VH1 over the edge? Several incidents considered major liabilities. Liabilities beyond alleged drug-induced brawls, lawsuits, child support and marriage lies, sex tapes, perjury, and jail time, spousal abuse, arrests you ask? Yes! When Tommie Lee was fired mid-season for reportedly making what producers considered “death threats” against her castmates, the network realized the show had gone too far. 

Tommie’s behavior, in conjunction with KK King (who once appeared on the America’s Most Wanted list, has a rap sheet a mile long, and is currently facing a 30-year prison sentence stemming from several different charges) joining the cast, was the last straw. Last month, KK was arrested for shoplifting from Saks, and her son Scrapp DeLeon is currently in prison. Sources reveal the network was shocked by the King family’s addition, but I suppose decided to trust production – which obviously, did not pan out! 

AllHipHop says producers are currently scouring Atlanta for potential new cast members, but are running into serious issues convincing any “real” celebs to appear on the show. The Daily Beast corroborates this, explaining, “While Atlanta is teaming with celebrity producers, songwriters and performers, few want to risk their reputation on the show.” Which is why the network has decided a complete re-cast is the only way to go. Isn’t this the same problem Real Housewives Of Atlanta keeps running up against? Hmmmm… 

Moving along, apparently Joseline wants to help production with their little issue of deciding who stays and who goes. She gave Us Weekly a “Royalty or Rejects” list ranking her castmates. Starting with Rasheeda, who Joseline dismissed as “just there” and called stale. “Stale – an old piece of bread even the dog won’t eat.”

“You gotta have some spice, you gotta have some creativity,” asserted Joseline. “You gotta be able to stand out.”

One person Joseline would keep is K. Michele. “She’s amazing! She’s different in her own way… and she does great work. I love her music. She’s a workaholic, like myself.” 

“I like Scrappy,” Joseline continued, “Yeah, he’s cool.” Jessica Dime, not so much. “Once my bitch, always my bitch,” sneered Joseline. She labeled Jessica an “idiot for not listening to the boss.” The boss being Joseline, of course.”Once I got you on your knees that just what you gonna do,” she smirked.

Hilariously, Joseline mocked Erica Dixon for being “given the boot,” laughing, “They dropped your ass off at the next island.” Hey – looks like Erika may have a little travel buddy in Joseline! You can watch Joseline ranking her soon-to-be-ex-castmates below!



[Photo Credits: VH1]