What Did Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis Say To Clare Crawley? Is He Refusing To Do Publicity Now That The Season Has Ended?

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It's good to know I'm not the only Juan who thinks that this season's Bachelor was a terribly insensitive d-bag. Even one of the final two, Clare Crawley can't stand the guy! Can you blame her? Juan Pablo Galavis apparently said something so foul to her off camera that she was totally blindsided. Of course, now that we know exactly what he said, I think we can all agree on two things: first, the pair certainly diddled in the ocean before he sex shamed her early in the season; and second, JP's an even bigger tool than we'd thought!

We'll get to Juan Pablo's comment in bit, but before that, I'd like to place some bets on how long his romance (can I call it that?) will last with Nikki Ferrell and whether he'll fade into obscurity with little to no post-season press. A month tops, for both? A girl can dream, can't she?


According to E! News, sources claim that JP alluded to producers that he may drop to one knee and pop the question to Nikki on After the Final Rose. Surely they would think that was a bit of a stretch given the fact that he didn't even tell her he loved her on the finale! The insider reveal that things got awkward when he didn't go through with the proposal, yet no one was surprised. Speaking of the pair's relationship, a show insider shares, "I would give it less than a month." 

Even audience members found the couple to be strained, with one After the Final Rose attendee telling the site, "Everyone was saying that it seems like Juan Pablo controls [Nikki] and she just gives in."

Okay, so we've got a month on the first bet…how about the second? TMZ is reporting that Juan Pablo is livid at how he was portrayed on the show and he's vowed not to do any publicity now that the season has wrapped. He refused to appear on Good Morning America…and the folks at GMA didn't lose any sleep over his decision. In fact, sources say that the network can't distance itself fast enough from the guy who is going down in reality history as the worst Bachelor to date!

Us Weekly also comments on Juan Pablo's rebellion against ABC. A source explains, "Juan is so angry with the Bachelor production team. He's had major tension with them since right when he got back from filming. Juan thought they gave him no privacy and wanted to know too much about his personal life and what he was doing all the time."

Finally, saving the best for last, let's dish on that comment that JP made to Clare on their helicopter tour that didn't make it into the finale. It's just plain gross. The same site reveals that Clare questioned Juan Pablo about whether he was in love with her. His classy response? A source confirms that JP replied, "I love f**king you, but I don't know you." What a true gentleman!

I've included two of JP's recent Instagram shots, because, hey, why not? He'll be single in no time…ladies, start forming an orderly line! 😉 


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