Style Fashion Week 2014

Courtney Stodden hit up L.A.'s Style Fashion Week shows last night.  The girl is still struggling to find style and fashion. 

We held out hope after she recently dyed her hair dark and wore a whole outfit, even. She was looking like a cleaned up version of her former self. But, alas, she's back to the white blonde over-processed mess and shoving her too-large-for-any-body boobs into a tight dress.  We do give Courtney kudos for the dress – it's actually NOT see-through, but rather a nude colored panel under the black lace.  So, two points awarded to Courtney for that.  And the fact that it's long enough to cover her cooter for once, she gets two more points.


We know, we shouldn't be so harsh.  If this is what makes her feel good about herself, then all the power to her.  But we won't apologize for saying that we'll do a happy dance the day she takes these implants out… 

Some outlets are reporting that Courtney had another boob job, but we've been analyzing her photos from the past few months and they're the same ones.  They just look different sizes, depending on the angles, the dresses, etc.

Still no word on those three reality shows she was working on.  The one with Bobby Trendy that already filmed and then there was the Lauren Harries one and the latest report was landing her own show…


Photo Credit: Winston Burris/

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