Teen Mom 2 Star Chelsea Houska Bought A House!

chelsea houska house

Congrats are in order!  Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska bought a house!  Chelsea, aka the Teen Mom with her head screwed on straight, shared the photo of her new house on Facebook this afternoon.  Chelsea shared, "Officially a homeowner!" 

Our writer Melissa noted "not surprised the house is burnt orange, her favorite color!" 

Clearly Chelsea is making sure to secure her finances before those MTV checks dry up.  She seems to be sensible with her money – she's even still driving the same car!  Chelsea is also one of the few out of all the Teen Mom stars who works in the real world, outside of the show and focuses on being an awesome mom to her cutie patootie Aubree. 


At least Chelsea won't have to worry about her rental issues of the past.  No more packing and moving.  She can just focus her energy on all things animal print: wallpaper, rugs and faux finishes on the walls.  And maybe installing a spray tan booth!  

Take that, Adam.  Maybe Chelsea will let you store some of your crap in her garage while you're sitting in prison for your latest reckless driving stunts.  Nah, hopefully she won't. 

Congrats, Chelsea!  Kudos to you for not blowing your check on cripsy fried Corvettes!

Photo Credit: FB & Twitter