Carole Radziwill & Aviva Drescher RHONY S6

Despite starting #BookGate Aviva Drescher is now going on record to declare it like the stupidest Real Housewives of New York fight ever. While I quite agree, it's all AVIVA's fault we're even talking about it at all! 

In a desperate bid to drum up publicity for her own book, Leggy Blonde, Aviva accused Carole Radziwill of having her famed (and beautifully written) memoir, What Remains ghostwritten. Now she's accusing Carole of over-reacting. Meviva – go home, you're crazy. 

"First of all, in the history of all the Real Housewives, everywhere, I officially declare this the STUPIDEST FIGHT EVER. Nothing will change what's on the show, but I'm not going to continue the fight on my blog, on Twitter, or in an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) cage," Aviva begins in her Bravo blog.


"So here are my final words on ghostwriters and ghostwriting: WHO CARES?" Apparently Aviva does since she brought it up over and over again…  

At the root of Aviva's accusations were her hurt feelings and we know how Aviva gets when she thinks people aren't making her feel special enough… "I was pissed at Carole when she dissed my right to write. She feels she's earned the right to write books because of her several hundred years of experience as a journalist, and further that I don't because, as she said in the episode, I'm a 'nothing, never had a job outside the house,'" Aviva complains. 

"Ridiculous of course, but then why did I respond to her in that cute pink room and say what I'd heard about her ghostwriter? You know, it's what I do when I'm attacked; I could have handled that a lot better," Aviva admits. "Carole can say whatever she wants about me; I’m out of the responding-to-Carole’s-vitriol business." 

Aviva continues, "See, I don't care if Carole used a ghostwriter, an editor, or room full of monkeys to write her book. It doesn't matter if it takes a village or a solitary journalist, Carole's first book is really, really good. Read it. Read mine first, but then read Carole's. You be the judge." She then goes on to make the argument that even Hillary Clinton used one in her memoir. 

And finally Aviva admits she basically had a ghostwriter for Leggy Blonde. "I will once and for all, answer Carole’s burning question, 'Did I write Leggy Blonde all by myself?' All by myself? No way. I wrote the initial draft then continued working on it with my own superb team, and I don’t think I could have written the book without them — certainly it wouldn't be the same," Aviva acknowledges. 

"I didn't thank them on the title page; I did in the Acknowledgements but still, regrettably, probably left out a couple of dozen. I admire Carole for doing her book all by herself; it’s a huge task. It was for me anyway."

Huge task? I thought writing a book was as simple as writing a long email? 'Hey dad, how are you? How are the dentures? Remember that time I lost my leg and went crazy on a reality show…' Is it as easy or as hard as that, Aviva?

Just for the record, I have read What Remains – and it is really, really good. It has a distinctly "Carole" delivery. And it is worth reading just to get tidbits about how Lee Radziwill decorates her Hamptons home (cashmere upholstered sofas, people!). 

Well, tonight bookgate explodes on RHONY as Carole and Aviva continue to verbally (unghostwrittenly) duke it out. And Kristen Taekman's marriage also explodes when she and her husband compete in an endurance race. 

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting the show, so make sure to join us.

[Photo Credits: Michael Lavine/Bravo]


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