Image Consultant Amanda Sanders Touting Herself As New Castmember On Real Housewives of New York!

Amanda Sanders RHONY Image Consultant

As if the complete cast overhaul on Real Housewives of New York wasn't enough, now someone else appears to be adding her name to the cast roster. 

Everyone's favorite completely delusional image consultant Amanda Sanders has dubbed herself the newest cast member. Last week Amanda's website was describing her as the newest castmember, she has since changed it to "appearing on" RHONY probably because Bravo got wind of her false-representation! 

On Amanda's personal website she now lists herself as a "distinguished TV personality currently starring on ‘The Real Housewives of New York City’". What exactly is distinguished about showing Harry Dubin your dubin and admitting he doesn't remember you the next morning. Anyway…


Since Amanda is NOT listed on Bravo's website in any capacity (Friends of the Housewives or otherwise), she has taken to blogging the episodes on her own as well! In one post Amanda describes how she became affiliated with the show, explaining that she "knows Aviva" then stating, "I met Aviva right before we started filming."

As for the entire cast's lukewarm reception of her, Amanda believes they were intimidated. "All of the girls were threatened by me from the start, apart from Aviva. I have stated in my tweets and in previous blogs that Heather [Thomson] was especially out to get me. It is also funny how nice Kristen [Taekman] was to my face and then she made a comment behind my back questioning my Profession." 

Amanda says she was a contender to join the show when they started filming, which is why she is so heavily featured in the first few episodes. "Kristen and I were both in the running for the title of 'New Housewife' and neither of us signed a contract with Bravo at that time," Amanda claims. She blames Heather for the reason she did not get cast. There's obviously the little matter of Kristen being a close friend of Brandi Glanville's which probably helped her case – Brandi was campaigning hard for Kristen. "Heather wanted Kristen on and me out," Amanda complains.

As for why she looks so bad on camera, Amanda of course blames editing! "Bravo showed what they wanted to show and unfortunately in editing I became the villain, so much was cut. Did I drink too much? Yes the pressure from the mean girl mob mentally got to me."

"Bravo wanted to make the show interesting and have conflict. It is part of the deal, lesson learned hopefully I will be back next season and you will see the real Amanda Sanders a smart business woman who is witty, kind and confident."

She even has a poll asking "fans" to vote on which Housewife they'd like to see replaced next season. 

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