NeNe Leakes Loves Her Tribal Dance With Derek Hough; NeNe As Cruella De Vil For Dancing With The Stars Disney Week

NeNe Leakes Dancing with the Stars

Last week on Dancing with the Stars, fans of the show chose to pair NeNe Leakes with Derek Hough for the first ever Switch Up. 

I will admit that I voted for NeNe and Derek for the switch up. I wanted to see a traditional "two-hand hold" ballroom dance between the two; alas, that is not what happened. The picture above – SMH – is what happened. NeNe took to her DWTS blog to tell us what she really thought about Derek, the dance, and her horrid costume. 

First, NeNe gushed (and gushed some more) about Derek. "Oooh, hunni I had so much fun in last week's Switch Up!  Derek is awesome, he's young, he's creative, he's an amazing choreographer. It was just fun to switch it up and see what another dancer could do and what their creativity was like."


"When Derek showed up he was like, 'Hey! I'm your new partner this week,' and I was just screaming, 'Oh my goooosh!' I didn't know how Derek would be, and I was scared thinking they were asking us to do a waltz or something like that," continued NeNe. "We had jazz and we had the freedom to do whatever we wanted to do and he had this great idea." 

Oh please. Derek always has the freedom to do whatever he wants to do – he's the Golden Boy. But of course Dancing with the Stars gave him even more of a free pass this week with that jazz nonsense. 

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About their specific routine, NeNe shared, "Derek said, 'Hunni nobody can do this, you're the only person here who can do this. You're always the queen bee, and fabulous, and over the top, so there's nobody else here who can do an African tribal dance. You're the only black girl here.' I thought that was creative and awesome and I was like whaaat?! I have only been to Africa one time. I don't know what they do over there, but let's try it!"

NeNe loved her feathery costume. "Oh my God. Lemme tell you. Derek and our amazing wardrobe department came up with the theme for the costumes, and how the set would look with all the fire and tribal stuff." 

Tonight on Dancing with the Stars, NeNe will dance with her original partner, Tony Dovolani. "I am so happy to be back with Tony this week. I LOVE Tony! Tony and I started this journey together – he's like my other husband. We're together everywhere we go and it feels like home being back with Tony."

"This week we'll be doing the foxtrot for our Disney week and my character will be uhhh… Caroola from that movie with the Dalmatians," shared NeNe. "Oh wait, it's Cruella, yeah Cruella de Vil. I keep calling her Caroola. Anyways, I'm going to be her.  She has a big personality, she's take over, and she is that lady, hunni!  What an attitude!  So I'm going to try and get out there and bring Caroola de Vil (Cruella, Caroola, whatever!) to the stage."

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Based on the leaderboard,  Candace Cameron Bure,  Drew Carey, and NeNe are at risk to be eliminated. Last, NeNe promised, "To my fans expect a whole lot of entertainment this week! I'm going to really try to bring Caroola de Vil (whatever her name is!) to the dance floor.  I want to pull out that character so well, so look again for fun, entertainment, and a lot of character, hunni!"


Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC