New ‘Bachelor Pad’ Adds Fuel To The T.I. And Tiny Divorce Rumors

TI and Tiny in Bel Air

Is this the end for T.I. and Tiny? According to TMZ Clifford "T.I" Harris recently leased a new home in Buckead, right outside of Atlanta, even though he and his wife, Tameka "Tiny" Harris already have a home in Atlanta. So is this a bachelor pad for a newly single rapper and reality star?

Not so much according to reports.The T.I and Tiny: The Family Hustle star's new home is simple a way for him to be closer to his recording studio. The house that he shares with his wife is currently 40 minutes away from his recording studio, but the new digs are just 2 minutes away.

But for a couple hounded by rumors of divorce, the purchase of a second home, just adds fuel to the flames that these two are headed for splitsville.


T.I.'s new digs are quite impressive too. The four bedroom home in an exclusive Buckhead neighborhood also comes with a massive pool, outdoor kitchen and entertainment area — all the amenities you need at a crash pad.

Rumors of these two splitting up is nothing new and in late March, Tiny — who was one of Kandi Burruss' bridesmaids recently —  went on The Wendy Williams Show and talked about their volatile relationship and how her husband called her out on Twitter for posting photos that he felt were a little too provocative.
“I don’t know why he addressed it on the social media. I guess he just wanted to let me know he was looking at it. But at the same time I’m like, ‘Why this picture,’ because it’s really a side view. I was really trying to show off my waist, that’s why my shirt is up…”
“We had a couple of fights, and we were arguing. We argue all the time, though. But we had this one big fallout about the Grammys and it just lingered on and got bigger..but no, we’re still together. There’s no divorce.”
The ever observant Wendy Williams then noticed that Tiny was not wearing her wedding ring, usually a sure sign of splitting up. But she had a reason for that as well.

"If you see here, I jammed my finger, so I can't even fit it. See, look at this. You see it? I'm telling you, for real, for real. It's a big rock, I would like to wear it. You know, regardless."

I for one hope these two stay together — as they are insisting that they are. But, if they are going to purchase a new home — near their old one — and appear on national TV without a wedding ring, the public will continue to speculate on the status of their marriage.


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