Married To Medicine’s Toya Bush-Harris Says Dr. Simone Whitmore Is Acting A Fool

Married to Medicine

Friendships are falling apart left and right on Married to Medicine – first it was Quad Webb-Lunceford and Mariah Huq and now it is Toya Bush-Harris and Dr. Simone Whitmore. On the season premiere, we found out that Dr. Simone "freaked up on" Toya's husband Dr. Eugene Harris at a charity bowling event. IMO, Toya has handled the situation all wrong, and Dr. Simone has overreacted to every situation so far this season. #BrokeDoctorProblems

Like good little Bravolebrities, Toya and Dr. Simone took to their Bravo blogs to discuss their heated confrontation. Toya jumped right in: "Excuses, Excuses, Excuses… Dr. Simone, my dear friend, my under pressure, over worked friend, my very forgetful friend, and, most importantly, my friend who obviously loves to drink while bowling – please stop with the excuses and own that your behavior towards my husband and my marriage was wrong."


Then Toya said Dr. Simone is acting like a fool and overreacting. "Not only are you defending childish and unladylike actions, but you are seemingly forgetting, again, that you pushed MY hand aside while gyrating on MY husband. You have shown very little respect for our friendship and you continue to be foolish. You came across as unstable, while walking within a very quiet neighborhood, yelling at another adult. You're educated, respected physician acting like an indignant fool in the street while someone is trying to have a conversation with you.  Seemingly, it would not have mattered where I decided to discuss your behavior, you would have over reacted anyway."

Toya took this opportunity to criticize Dr. Jackie Walters for "picking and choosing" who gets a "talking to" in their circle. "One thing for sure, I continue to learn and acquire wisdom when dealing with this group of ladies. I would like to say I'm surprised Jackie didn't have a private lemon squeeze with Simone in reference to their behavior, but that would be a lie. Seemingly they don't hold each other accountable for their wrong doings. Simone could have told Jackie that she was wrong for approaching a stranger about their weight in such a rude manor and Jackie could have told Simone she was not only disrespecting my relationship, but her own."

Quad Webb-Lunceford's Thoughts On The Season Premiere

Last Toya said her co-stars shade her because they envy her. "I believe that the reason why the ladies attack my intelligence and choice to be a stay at home mom is simple logic. I make 'mommy' look so damn good, they're envious! How could you attack a woman for wanting her kids to always have a parent available to them? How could you be so reckless to say these things, when your own children are constantly complaining about your absence? I guess Simone is so used to not being around for her family, that it seems foreign to see another woman doing it well."

Dr. Simone kept her opinion on the matter short and sweet. "Toya has me really frustrated right now. She doesn’t hear a word I’m saying even though I’m shouting to the top of my lungs. I completely understood and respected that Toya did not like me dancing and playing around Dr. Eugene. I didn’t like how she brought the issue to my attention at a party in the midst of my colleagues and friends making it a bigger issue than it needed to be. Her little trip by my house today would have prevented a lot of heartache and arguing if she had driven by the day after her fundraiser."

IMO – we all know Dr. Simone is the life of a party – with or without her beloved vodka – and I sincerely doubt she "wants" Dr. Eugene in that way. But, at the same time, she needs to consider her friend's feelings. And Toya should have called or visited Simone long before Dr. Heavenly's party. On camera or off camera, whatever, but talking about it one-on-one would have been better than bringing it up at a public event, blind siding Simone at the same time.


Photo Credit: Bravo