Married To Medicine Recap: Baby Talk


Last night on Married To Medicine we briefly met new castmember Lisa Nicole Cloud and gained confirmation that Dr. Heavenly Kimes is um… definitely a special gift from God. Special being the operative word. Special may not imply amazing. 

Quad Lunceford-Webb pays a visit to Lisa Niccole's house to discuss Dr. Heavenly's Black Tie fiasco. Lisa Nicole has a business partner who is a familiar friend (with another new face) – Dwight Eubanks! I hope his partnership with Lisa is more lucrative than his affiliation with She By SheBroke's fashion show. Dwight is looking good – his nose seems to have some added putty, his cheeks a little fuller, and he's rocking a fade. 

They dive into the ludicrous behaviors of Mariah Huq – and her 'When Doves Died' outfit at Heavenly's. "What the hell," wonders Dwight. Exactly – the perfect way to sum up Mariah. 



Quad is desperate for an excuse not to have babies- she decides her destiny lies in creating a line of puppy couture inspired by her own dogs. Apparently they've been embarrassing Quad out on the town when she's in Louis Vuitton and they're rocking Tarjay. Quad bemoans the lack of available designer duds for dogs. Ohhhh… if Gregory falls for this he needs a stern talking to from Dr. Jackie! 

Speaking of Dr. Jackie Walters, she is still serious about having a child. Dr. Simone Whitmore comes over for lunch (with "rabbit food") and Jackie asks her to be on "Team Jackie" in convincing Curtis about having a baby. Simone is honest – Jackie does not have time for a child and she is on Team Realist. Jackie is a little offended but because they have a real and mature friendship she takes it in stride. 

Dr. Jackie is disappointed that Dr. Heavenly made her get "out of character" last week and wants to have a sit-down with her. She asks Simone to come along. Simone has no interest in dealing with crazy. Hey – when you come in contact with crazy, either pass the psych drugs or run the other way! Dr. Simone is too busy for that nonsense – especially when she has Toya Bush-Harris problems! 

Toya and Eugene have decided to abandon last season's storyline their plans to build a massive mansion – instead wanting to move to an established neighborhood. Since Toya's eyes are bright with dollar signs Eugene suggests she get a job once the kids are in school. Toya is like pffffft. Define 'job'. I have a job – our cleaning lady doesn't come everyday, you know! She tells Eugene she also works long 'shifts' managing her boys. If Toya had a job she wouldn't have time to roam around the unfinished mcmansion-hood feeling sorry for herself. 

Dr. Heavenly Kimes Introduces Family On Married 2 Medicine

Dr. Heavenly is at home talking about how her mother pushed her out of the birth canal and branded her with a blessing by naming her Heavenly. It's not just a name – it's a dental conglomerate and a brand of sheer insanity. I just don't know with this chick. She's hungry. And I don't mean in the former fat girl who lost weight way. Heavenly complains that Jackie was insulting plus-sized women and cites an article on the internet stating that women with big butts are healthier. Apparently the internet is more knowledgeable than a doctor. Mmmmm…kay. 

Among other Heavenly scriptures is that a woman should always be subservient to her husband (or "daddy") – and "lead from the back". Like pushing him off a cliff? Heavenly takes her domestic duties very seriously including raising a "prim and proper" (prim and proper like attacking guests at a black tie function?!) but precocious daughter to be Heavenly in training. No, she's not named Jesus-y, but Alaura.

Over dinner Heavenly is still hung-up on Jackie's fat shaming comments and her own struggle with weight. She blames "Daddy" for never telling her she was fat. Isn't that what a mirror is for, Heavenly? Damon, who is so 'led from the back' his head is up Heavenly's extra-longevity bigger than a size -2 a$$, pretends he never thought his wife was overweight. Meanwhile Alaura points out she couldn't even hug her mother she was so big. Heavenly is gonna be dining out on the weight thing all season isn't she?

Dr. Jackie could care less about what Heavenly is up to – she's busy being a doctor and plotting how to convince Curtis that they should have a son through donor eggs or adoption. She plans a basketball court surprise that includes candles, wine, and daisy dukes so she can try to win Curtis over to the idea. I love these two as a couple and they seem to have a really respectful and genuine relationship.

Over dinner Jackie asks Curtis to "have a yes day" and consider two important suggestions: 1) new cabinets in the kitchen 2) a baby. Curtis is a definite no on the kitchen and a pretty definite no on the baby. He reminds Jackie that they're much older, with busy lives and a baby would over-complicate things. He also worries about the extra strain affecting Jackie's health. Jackie is disappointed, but is not giving up yet! 

Mariah Huq Discusses Hair Transplant With Husband

Mariah is taking a break from the other ladies and embracing her blackladeshi side. More like the other ladies are icing "queen bee" out and she's forced to hang out with Aydin. She complains about Quad and then scrutinizes Aydin's receding hairline. She reminisces about the days when Aydin had long, luscious locks like Aladdin, but then the stress of dealing with Mariah caused his hair to turn grey and fall out!

Aydin has been using hair-in-a-can because Mariah would rather "spray on than lay on," (no toupees – only weaves!) but now the time has come for him to get a hair transplant. Mariah decides to make him an appointment ASAP. Great – without Quad to torture, Mariah is going to torture Aydin and then go around town screeching about how she "made" him. Yawn. 

Quad is still thwarting Gregory and babymaking, so she visits Simone for some professional-friendship advice. After hearing Simone advise a nurse to put a Tylenol suppository up a pregnant patient's butt (hemorrhoids ladies!) she decides that puppy couture is more important than babies right now.

Quad Wants To Keep Birth Control A Secret

Quad is using the rhythm method to figure out when she ovulates and when it's that time, she just avoids her hubby. "I just shake the devil off," she tells Simone about dealing with Gregory and his urges. Which is how she also deals with Mariah! Then Quad asks if she can secretly get on birth control. Simone is like I need a drink… she is visibly shocked. Hmmm… I see Quad ending up a single mommy of two dogs very soon when Gregory gets wind of all this! Yikes. 

Finally, Toya is still upset that Simone was freaking on Eugene's booty at the bowling alley. Look Toya – Toya no one wants to play on your husband unless he's making it rain. Toya decides to confront Simone about it weeks later, which bothers Simone because she thinks Heavenly put the bug in Toya's ear. Simone also frustrated that Toya brought the whole thing up initially at a black tie gala filled with her colleagues. 

Simone And Toya Argue About Eugene

Simone, well, Simone is extra crispy fired-up this season. It's clear her financial and marital issues are affecting her because she has a short fuse and literally blows up on Toya immediately over the situation – even circling a bewildered Toya like a shark to ask why she didn't confront her sooner. Simone admits that she understands Toya was bothered – and she took it too far with the dancing – but Toya is blowing it out of proportion. Toya is frustrated that Simone is dismissive of her feelings. Simone decides she doesn't have time for this and gets in her car to flee. 

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