Quad Webb-Lunceford And Mariah Huq Discuss Their Explosive Confrontation On Married To Medicine

Married to Medicine Quad Mariah fight

Married to Medicine is all new tonight – and we learn more about the demise of Quad Webb-Lunceford and Mariah Huq's friendship. I, for one, am not surprised they're no longer friends. How anyone can be friends with Mariah is beyond me. 

What happened to their friendship from Mariah's perspective? "I think what's happened is fame. TV changes people. What role I had to play in that… I am learning as you guys learn. I didn't know things were as bad as they are."

"Quad felt a certain way about first season – she did express that to me. She felt like they made her look like my do-girl or my puppet and she didn't like that. Instead of realizing I didn't control that, I feel as though she took it out on me." 


Mariah added, "Quad said something about I was mad because she was more famous than me. I said, 'That's absurd – I'm the one that made you famous.' That's how I felt. I felt like I gave her the platform. I'm not saying that I gave her the personality or anything like that but I just felt like it was absurd to turn the tables on me and treat me like a fan when I've always been a friend. I didn't bring her up under me. I didn't bring her behind me. I brought her beside me. I think I gotta get some credit for that."

Why does Mariah call herself the Queen Bee? "I brought the ladies together. I was the mastermind behind this – and it's just to kinda send a statement. I have to let people know my role in this because if I don't, nobody will." 

Mariah went on to cry victim. About Quad, she said, "I always knew she would be a star and fan favorite – I always knew that – so to imply anything other than that is absurd. I've reached out to her – we sat down, we talked for six hours, we cried, we hugged, we walked away. The next thing I know is that she was on TV doing all of this. She told me what her issues were, I told her what my issues were, and we said we would not take our issues to TV. The next thing I know, she was on TV dealing with it, so it kinda threw me back." 

Where does Mariah stand now? "You have to watch the show because a lot of it you will understand. You may understand her perspective but I think you'll understand mine a lot better because it went from 0 to 10,000. I'm like, 'Damn, does she think I flat her tires because this just doesn't make sense.' I miss her wholeheartedly but I think sometimes things happen for a reason. God reveals people to you. When they show you who they are, you gotta believe them."

So Mariah claimed the end of the friendship is all news to her. Earlier this week Quad told a very different story on The Couch. "The last time that we saw each other, it was not good. It became physical. Mariah was very physical toward me. How can you be friends with someone you don't trust? It's impossible." 

Quad shared, "Mariah does not take responsibility for any of her actions. We are not friends – I do not forecast that we will be friends – and I am just not interested. I cannot stand for someone to lie to my face, especially for how much I gave her my all. She was my best friend. In my eyes, she was my sister. It is definitely hurtful. I've shed a lot of tears."

Tonight on Married to Medicine — the "peace summit" between Mariah and Quad turns into an explosive confrontation, Dr. Heavenly and Dr. Jackie attempt to hash out their differences, and talk of Quad and Mariah takes over Toya's son's birthday party. 


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