Married To Medicine’s Dr. Heavenly Kimes And Dr. Jackie Walters Face Off

Married to Medicine Season 2

Married to Medicine is back with two new cast members, Lisa Nicole Cloud and Dr. Heavenly Kimes. Lisa who? Exactly. On the other hand, Dr. Heavenly came out swinging, at Dr. Jackie Walters

Dr. Heavenly was offended when Dr. Jackie fat shamed Miss Georgia Plus at a bowling charity event. So, Dr. Heavenly confronted Dr. Jackie at the next party, and then Jackie was mad about Heavenly's choice of time/place for said confrontation. Um, because a bowling alley is the ideal place for an unsolicited medical lecture? #PotKettleBlack

Dr. Heavenly and Dr. Jackie to their Bravo blogs to hate on each other some more. Dr. Heavenly thinks Jackie is unhappy, and Dr. Jackie says Heavenly has no class. Oh yes, Married to Medicine is back with a vengeance. 


"Dr. Jackie!!! Woo #WeGonThankGod!!" says Dr. Heavenly. "I think that Dr. Jackie is not a happy person. I'm not understanding whey she has to belittle people that she doesn't know in a bowling alley! Telling someone that they are obese and then beginning to explain all the predisposed conditions of being overweight in a bowling alley is INSANE. It did not come from a good place." 

Dr. Heavenly points out that it's not "what" you say but "how" you say it. She's right. "A happy person who is a plus size 18 can very well be more healthy than a person who is a size negative two (Jackie's size zero is too big!) that works long hours in a stressful environment. It does not take a physician or a dentist to see that!!! That would be equivalent of me walking up to someone and saying 'Your teeth are jacked up and carry an infectious disease!' There is a time and a place for everything – and the bowling alley was definitely not one of them!"

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Next Dr. Heavenly addresses Dr. Jackie's "you're not a doctor" insult. "Being an educated woman, I'm not so sure why Dr. Jackie would say a dentist is not a doctor. I think that was a very ignorant statement but, Dr. Jackie is very far from being the perfect person she pretends to be." 

On that note, Dr. Jackie refers to herself as Dr. Jackie OBGYN Extraordinaire and admits it takes every "inhibitory fiber" in her brain to keep her mouth shut. "95 percent of the time, I stay quiet but OMG, 5 percent of the time I just have what seems like an involuntary response coming from my mouth that addresses wrong medical information that are flowing out into the universe. So, I am being a physician 24/7, I have and will comment on misinformation spoken especially on national TV."

Dr. Jackie continues, "What you saw on Episode 1 was me having one of those involuntary moments of not allowing one to say that 'being overweight is healthy.' It is my responsibility as a medical physician to educate, educate, educate. As I stood up to speak to Miss Georgia Plus, I stood up in a gesture of respect and not out of disrespect. I sounded like I was 'attacking' her but my passion for great health came roaring in like a lion."

Dr. Jackie feels Dr. Heavenly projected her own insecurities on to her, then she throws some shade. "Her struggles with weight loss became my struggle with me personally. Who invites guest to their home and verbally attacks them?!? We were at a 'black tie' event with a house full of professionals. The doctors get accused of classism. That's right; this was NO Class vs Class. You take a guess. I have NEVER, EVER, NEVER seen a professional adult female (or male) perform like this in an open setting."

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"Now being that I am a not a reactive being (classy), I thought the right thing to do was speak with her in private," adds Dr. Jackie. "I didn't know the Mariah, the hype person in all this craziness, was gonna join us. So yes I was sooooooo angry about that approach that I spoke to DR. HEAVENLY from a place of discontent. Yes, calling her 'NOT A DOCTOR' was disrespectful and yes she is a doctor of dental surgery. Not sure if she would get called for a Code Blue!"

OK – I think Dr. Heavenly came on way too strong. Oh how I wanted someone to shove "the quacker" in her mouth. But I didn't care for Dr. Jackie's catty "did you say healthy" comment to Miss Georgia Plus either. Shady Boots, thy name is Dr. Jackie Walters! 


Photo Credit: Bravo