More Drama Between Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Mimi Faust And Stevie J. After She Posts A Threatening Text From Stevie After Her Father’s Death

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I certainly don't believe Mimi Faust's version of the stolen sex tape which will make her super rich. While she may not have devised the plan with Nikko (who looks like he couldn't plan his way out of a paper bag), I don't think she was as clueless and doe-eyed about it as she tries to appear on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. That said, Stevie J. will always be just gross and a little scary in my book. Behind his funny one-liners and ridiculous persona, I see a very manipulative creep who likes to threaten others to make himself feel like a bigger man. When he first started on the show, his behavior towards Mimi was deplorable and based entirely on manipulation and humiliation. I'll get off my soapbox now, but I've known the likes of Stevie. Of course, who am I kidding? All of these people are bat-poo insane!

The latest drama between the pair occurred after Mimi's father died on Wednesday. Stevie shared his condolences with a threatening text message insinuating that Mimi may be dealing with more death than just that of her father. Classy. Of course, Mimi did what every woman who didn't want to escalate a bad situation would do…she posted a screenshot of the text on Instagram. 


It all began when Mimi posted a picture of her father on Instagram with the caption, "REST IN PEACE DAD!!! 5/8/14 U WILL ALWAYS BE MY HERO! U WITH ALL MY HEART!!!" 

Mimi followed up that post with the below screenshot of a text message between her and Stevie…well, I'm assuming by the whole "sperm donor" contact name, it's from ol' Stevie. I'd point out here that it would be easy to fake a text message, but I am not going to give anyone on this show that kind of credit!  

Along with the photo, Mimi wrote, "All of this because of a truthful radio interview I did about @hitmansteviej_1 not taking care of his daughter. Be careful who y'all praise. Don't let the cameras fool you!! #TheDevilIsALiar"

​After receiving backlash for her "home video," Mimi defended herself, tweeting, "We both made mistakes,  ABSOLUTELY!! But if y'all think that text was appropriate on a day like this u should judge yourself b4 judging me!!"

On one hand, I have to applaud Mimi for not deleting these posts. On the other, I have to second the sentiment of a follower who wondered why a distraught Mimi was spending so much time on Twitter. However, in no way was that text from Stevie anything short of absolutely horrendous. Congrats, Mona! You've certainly bestowed fame upon some real winners!


[Photo Credit: VH1]

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