Style Network To Return October 2014!

Style Network Big Rich Texas

Awesome news – the Style Network is returning this fall! 

As y'all know, NBC pulled the Style Network off the air and replaced it with Esquire last year. This came as a shock to the fashion obsessed and to reality TV fans who couldn't get enough of shows like Big Rich Texas, Tia & Tamera, and Jerseylicious.

Late last week, we learned that Rida Khan resigned as the CEO of Fashion TV and purchased Style TV, with plans to re-launch the network in October. 


The press release: Rida Khan, the star CEO of Fashion TV, leaves to become the President of Style Network Channel. Khan purchased Style TV for an undisclosed amount and plans to re-launch it in the North American market coming to cable and dish this October 2014. The result of the programming will be a mix of Style Network programming and Fashion TV programming.

The new and improved Style will heavily feature reality TV shows, which will be produced in-house, like Bravo does.

“It will be a mix of high-fashion and life style programming. There will be a lot of reality shows which will focus on the real heroes of the industry like Anna Wintour, Nina Garcia, Ralph Lauren, Karl Lagerfeld, etc. and their day-to-day lives. Of course the programming will be very celebrity oriented – but we will be dealing with the real Fashion Industry,"  shared Rida.  "I am surprised no network one has made high fashion and beauty the prime focus in America. During my time at Fashion TV, the highest viewers were from the North American Market.  We do have some networks that touch it – but that is about all they do.”

Rida – who is the owner of and very well known in the fashion industry – has big plans for Style's future.

"Being a pioneer in the digital media industry since 2008 has given me a great lead in the fashion industry. I have stayed abreast all new innovations and have heavy plans for the digital distribution of the channel.  Most people in their 20s do not pay for cable anymore and are reliant upon digital distribution," explained Rida. "The digital landscape is changing rapidly and we will be one of the first networks to dive deep into it." 

I, for one, look forward to Style's return – and I hope my favorite Texas mamas, Melissa Poe and Bonnie Blossman, return as well.

"Style Network is relaunching in October of 2014," shared Bonnie. "They say that they will air some of the old programming. Since our spin off – Whitney's Having a Baby – has already aired around the globe, it would make sense that if they play BRT marathons, we'll be included. So we may finally get to see our show!  As far as continuing with the series as the original plan, we will see what the network wants to do… and so we wait."

Along with Big Rich Texas – minus the insufferable, whiny Leslie – I'd love to see Harvin and Meyer Eadon from Big Rich Atlanta again too! 


Photo Credit: Style