Farrah Abraham Promotes Her “Portfolio Of Literacy” And Says Reality TV Made Her “More Better At Communication”

Farrah Abraham

Book one of Farrah Abraham's trilogy, Celebrity Sex Tape, will be released July 1 – and I could not be more excited about it. No I haven't lost my mind. I do not plan to read Farrah's smut book, but this also means Farrah needs to give interviews to promote it! I can't stand Farrah, the person, but I love Farrah, the interviewee. Bring on the interviews!

Farrah sat down with Huff Post Live's Ricky Camilleri earlier today to talk about Celebrity Sex Tape and say awesome things like her trilogy is the next stop in her "portfolio of literacy" and reality TV taught her to be "more better at communication." Let's have a moment of silence for Ricky. He deserves it. 

Farrah introduced the main character of her trilogy, Fallon Opal, and Ricky asked, "Not Farrah?"  She insisted, "Not me. I think we all use our inspiration and experiences of life to build our stories but this is very different from anything that I've ever had in my life. But I noticed through some drama that I went through this past year of my own sex tape that this is a popular issue." 


Farrah seriously didn't realize the sex tape would be a "popular" issue? "No, I didn't. I learned a lot. I think as a writer this is how you grow yourself. I'm very excited to be working with Ellora's Cave Publishing. They are a well-known publisher and they really embrace sexuality and I like that so I felt comfortable writing this story." 

Ricky surmised, Celebrity Sex Tape is a fictionalized version of Farrah's world since Backdoor Teen Mom was released. Farrah agreed, "Yes. This is very much a lot of imagination but also something that is very relatable to others in real life." 

So, besides the fact that Steven Hirsch will sue her pants off otherwise, why fiction? "Therapeutically I was like this a good release for me to write a story and be creative," said Farrah. "So I really didn't want to write about anything I personally went through. I wanted to write a awesome story that encapsulates everything we wonder about with sex tapes."

What exactly does Farrah think people wonder about sex tapes? "Is it real? Is it fake? Like horrible negative connotations about people who make sex tapes and other things. I tried to be fair to all sides but just have people open their minds more and explore more. I think some of my fans will rave about some of the fantasies that are made up in there. I'm just very excited to share this with a lot of my readers."

When asked to give a example of the negative connotations, Farrah said she's turned all the negatives in her life into positives. Um, OK. 

"I don't let a sex tape ruin my future endeavors," explained Farrah. "So like I'm still doing restaurants and other things that I've always wanted to do and always planned on doing. For Fallon Opal, her case is, paying a lot of attention to the negatives and it impacting her. Because, I just, you know it's not really all about the negatives, but I feel like everyone's looking at me as like her life is all rosy and fun. I try to keep my life very positive because I have a daughter – but in Fallon's case she doesn't have a daughter and she lives in a different whole life scene. I think that was what was awesome for me to write about."

Rosy isn't what comes to my mind when I look at Farrah's life. You?

Ricky asked, "Were you afraid of the negative connotation when you made the sex tape, which is why you denied having made a certain kind of tape you wanted to sell?" But Farrah refused to answer the question for legal reasons, adding, "I have learned from my past and I made the best choices at that time and I'm moving beyond that." 

How has Farrah moved past the sex tape when she's writing a trilogy about sex tapes? "There's many other people who have sex tapes. If it was a popular topic in my life and as a writer I want to express that. I have awesome fans and hearing feedback – and I was like this is the next stop for me in my portfolio of literacy. So I just wanted to do that." 

Ricky pointed out, "But you are holding onto the infamy of the sex tape," to which Farrah said, "Sometimes in my career I do have some of the negatives and the lash back and I continue to just be strong as a woman. I'm not the only person who does this. I have to just embrace my sexuality and move on." 

Poor Ricky. He broke it down, then, for Farrah, "Those negative connotations create infamy, which creates notoriety, which creates popularity, which creates dollars, and you are attracting more negative connotations by continuing to talk about it and write about it." 

Farrah snapped, "Nobody likes to see others do well – and I think that's what it is with a lot of the negative things. I'm happy that I'm doing better than I was in my past. I really struggled wit a lot of the comments and a lot of the hurt that I felt from fans and people I worked with on TV. That is hurtful to see, but at the end of it through therapy and through a lot of the things I've done to improve my self-worth in my head it's helped me be in a better place." Then Farrah said Couples Therapy's Dr. Jenn Berman helped her get to that better place.

Did Farrah trick her way onto Couples Therapy? "No, I did not trick my way on Couples Therapy. I have a bad picker. I pick not the right men – choosing some people who lie to me for their own fame and for their own reasons. I just need to be stronger and notice the signs ahead of time." 

Ricky asked Farrah how she dealt with the fame from 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. "I was going through depression and like on medication. It was a very hard and one of the worst times of my life. Not being so close to your family because they didn't want to deal with a lot of teen things. When I think back about it, it really makes me sad and I could probably cry, losing someone, and I just feel like it was just too much for me to deal with. Still today it is really hard for me to balance."

Will Farrah do reality TV again if it's offered to her? "The shows I've been a part of, I feel like they've helped me grow. I would not be a part of shows that didn't help me. I make sure I'm improving myself for my daughter. I take it very serious about what I allow now to be out in the public. I don't really feel like being a part of TV so much. I don't really feel like allowing it so close to my family. My family and I are in the best place we have been because I'm taking projects without showing my family." 

About her plastic surgery, Farrah shared, "I would waste hours and hours and hours in front of the mirror to the point where I would waste my whole day. I would get aggravated with how I look and so I wanted to get surgery. I think there's nothing wrong with that because I'm not doing that further. I didn't really mess up my features or my ethnicity or who I am." Has Farrah seen her before and after pictures? She doesn't even look like the same person! 

Gloria Malone, who is a teen mom and creator of TeenMomNYC.com, joined the chat and asked, "If you could create your own teen mom show, what would it look like?" Farrah said, "I think it would be awesome to have a teen mom show where we compete to see who is the best mom." Yes, more competition among mothers is exactly what women, of any age, need. What an idiot.

Ricky snarked, "The other moms got you kicked off – do you think you'd be the best mom?" Farrah said, "Actually, that's not true, but I think at the end of the day I would be." So, she claimed she was NOT fired from Teen Mom, but she refused to talk about it further. Farrah told Ricky to go ask MTV. 

Gloria asked, "What is society's biggest misconception about pregnant and parenting teens?" Farrah answered, "I think the biggest misconception is not helping somebody get out of a depression. It's so hard and I think there needs to be more support so they're not in poverty for the rest of their lives." I filed misconception under Words Farrah Abraham Doesn't Comprehend, it's right behind feminism

About Farrah, a Huff Post Live fan commented, "She's a prime example of what happens to teens who had little to no guidance growing up and exposed to a teaspoon of fame. Once they get a taste of fame, they'll do absolutely anything to remain in the spotlight." 

Farrah agreed she lacked guidance growing up but denied she craves fame. 

"I know how to be a business woman," continued Farrah. "I know how to make money off of appearing on things and being on shows and going to clubs. For that I'm grateful and I don't take advantage of that but I really don't like fame. Fame is not wealth. Fame is not easy life. If I could be wealthy and not have fame, I would choose that. I use the good with the bad and hopefully one day it'll switch and I won't have to be so in the spotlight."

Who are Farrah's role models? "I used to look up to Bethenny Frankel and some other women but that's kind of changed. I really don't look up to anyone anymore and I'm not really too fond of a lot of choices other have to make that are in the public eye."  

Elaborate, please. "Between reporters and networks – everyone has their job and I'm blessed that everybody has a job – but I also feel like it's really distorting to the character of the actual person," said Farrah. "I don't like when I actually meet somebody – and I was told something else and business and great host and all that. I feel let down in how untrue some things are. I wish others could be closer to us as who we are so it's easier to be a public figure."

Is Farrah's "reality TV persona" the real Farrah? "I act myself at all times. I've grown to handle my anger more and be more better at communication. It's live, so if they only want to show and edit me being upset and dealing with struggles, then I look like I'm upset and I yell a lot. When others meet me they're like, 'Wow. Farrah actually has it more together than I thought and is nicer.' That is what I hear a lot so I maybe people don't know how I really am."

OMG that was painful – and I only had to transcribe Farrah's nonsense. I can't imagine how Ricky feels this evening. I wish I could buy him a drink! 


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