Bristol Palin Claps Back At Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham: "You Couldn't Pay Me To Be Anything Like Her"

Bristol Palin Claps Back At Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham: “You Couldn’t Pay Me To Be Anything Like Her”

When MTV’s Teen Mom OG announced that 27-year old Bristol Palin would be joining this season’s cast, viewers had mixed reactions. And Farrah Abraham, who’s finally been fired from the show, had some choice words for the single mom of two and daughter of ex-Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin.

When news of Bristol joining the cast broke, Farrah commented that it looked like “she wants to be a Farrah Abraham but isn’t.” Bristol fired back on The Jenny McCarthy Show this week when she stopped by to talk about her alleged “beef” with Farrah, and her feelings about filming Teen Mom OG this year.

Bristol told Jenny, “I know what it feels like to be judged, so I though maybe [Farrah] is just misunderstood, poor girl!” But after hearing Farrah’s statements, Bristol says she thought, “Girlfriend, you could not pay me to be anything like you. Honestly.”

“So, no, I’m not trying to be like her,” Bristol continued. “This is the only time I’m going to address it, but I can’t stand people like that – people that are just searching for attention.” Bristol adds that she understands who Farrah really is now, and isn’t giving her any more free passes. “It’s like, you’re like that on the show because that’s who you are.”

Although there’s certainly no love lost between Farrah and Bristol, the MTV newcomer says she still would have done the show even if Farrah was a current cast member. Well, she certainly doesn’t scare easily! And that’s a good thing when it comes to those Teen Mom OG Reunions.

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Bristol claims her mother, Sarah Palin, doesn’t scare easily either. However, she did have some choice words for comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, who’s mock interview with Sarah for his controversial HBO show Who Is America? has been suppressed.

Bristol questions how Cohen infiltrated her mother’s team in the first place. “How did this get past vetting? I just think it’s very distasteful, what he’s done – you know, mocking a service member. It truly makes me sick, especially since my ex-husband is a service member. And you’re just gonna sit here and make fun of veterans? I just think, shame on you.”

When asked exactly how Sarah Palin got the episode suppressed, Bristol claimed ignorance. “I honestly don’t know. I haven’t even talked to her about it.” Mmm hmm. Okay, girl.

She told Jenny, “There’s some shady people in this business, I’m sure you know.” Yes, indeed, Bristol. And now you’re on a whole cast chock full of ’em. Enjoy!

The new season of Teen Mom OG premieres on MTV October 1.


Photo Credit: The Jenny McCarthy Show