Bethenny Frankel Advised To Settle Custody Dispute With Jason Hoppy To Avoid Damaging Her SkinnyGirl Brand Further!

bethenny frankel

Bethenny Frankel's custody dispute with ex-husband Jason Hoppy went to trial this week and things got extremely heated with lawyers for each party accusing the other of horrible misdeeds. 

Bethenny took the stand to testify against Jason and accused him of threatening her and mocking her in front of their daughter Bryn. She also accused him of refusing to flush the toilet! And pointing out that there was negative PR about her. Cause, like, duh… Anyway the entire experience was traumatic for Bethenny. Umm… excuse me for pointing out the obvious, but isn't the true victim here Bryn?

The couple reconvenes in court next week where Bethenny will be cross-examined and Jason will take the stand. Unfortunately sources say things aren't looking good for Bethenny who is fighting for primary physical custody and sole legal custody while Jason is requesting joint. 


Bethenny has been instructed by her business advisors “to just settle the custody case with Jason, and agree to joint custody, because there is just no way a judge will award her sole custody ,” a source informed Radar. “Jason is a very involved dad in Bryn’s life. Furthermore, Jason will testify on his behalf regarding some shocking details involving his ex."

I do agree Jason seems like a loving and very involved father so there is no way a judge will agree to Bethenny's demands. I personally think Bethenny just wants to control the situation and get out of paying child support to Jason, as she clearly out-earns him. 

Moving on, Jason is prepared to fight tooth and nail for Bryn – and that means airing plenty of Bethenny's dirty laundry about their time on reality TV and her past. And Bethenny's lawyers are worried about what could emerge because the courtroom is not sealed from the public due to a legal misfiling so the press has full access to the trial! Oops! 

"Bethenny’s camp is concerned it could really damage her SkinnyGirl brand, but she isn’t taking anyone’s advice, and won’t voluntarily agree to sharing custody of Bryn,” the source adds. Bethenny just released a children's book about Bryn's life and apparently turnout for the book signing was abysmal and disbanded early. Many also believe Bethenny's talk show tanked in part because of the negative publicity she received as a result of the divorce and custody battle.  

In addition to Jason and Bethenny taking the stands on their own behalf, a court-appointed custody evaluator (who the judge ordered the embattled parents to meet with pre-trial), and Jason's parents will also testify. Unfortunately Bethenny wasn't able to rely on friends and family to testify for her. Ouch! 

Jason's parents “plan on telling the court what an amazing dad he is, and how involved they are in Bryn’s life,” the source shares. “Bethenny doesn’t have any family that will take the stand for her, because nobody would agree to do it." Really? I hope that's not true, because that's really sad. 

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