Kandi’s Wedding Recap: Fix It Jesus

Mama Joyce is out of control

Last night on Kandi's Wedding there were lions, and tigers, and Mama Joyce… Oh my! 

Kandi Burruss' ideas about planning a wedding in 5 weeks are as crazy as Joyce's ideas about, well, anything – but most specifically Todd Tucker. Last night was illuminating because it seems Mama Joyce gave Kandi's father Titus 'The Todd Treatment' way back when they were married! So let's dive right in – it's juicy, but in the manner of a car crash or Lindsay Lohan wandering around Rodeo Drive sans panties. 

Kandi meets her dad for dinner to see if he'd be willing to officiate her ceremony. He is of course in agreement. Kandi reveals that for many years following her parents' divorce Titus, now a pastor, was barely around and she did not see him for years. And it turns out that likely has everything to do with V For Vendetta: The Mama Joyce Modus Operandi.


kandi burruss dad

It turns out that after their divorce (which was brought on when Joyce started partying it up and ignoring reason) Joyce changed the locks, refused to let Titus see Kandi, wouldn't let him come over, and even got a restraining order. Long story short, Titus tells Kandi that's how Joyce rolls. Kandi is shocked to learn that Mama Joyce would behave in such a vile manner. Her loving and kind mama, that benevolent woman who is always willing to spend Kandi's money and live in her home – not that mama!

Moving on, since Kandi wants live zoo animals and a full tribe of African dancers on a 6 minute notice, she's forced to hold her wedding in a warehouse down in the ghetto! No, not at The Bailey Agency, some other warehouse in the hood. 

As Kandi and company tour the space, Don Juan is not convinced that Kandi's vision can come to life. "As usual, Kandi's vision becomes my migraine," he sighs. After that, Kandi auditions dancers for her African dance group – watching the dancers was the best part of the episode! That was awesome. Kandi says that some of the guys short-shorts during the audition gave her quite a show in itself. Maybe a new feature of Bedroom Kandi line? The African Dance vibrator?!

Back to the insane wiles of Mama Joyce, bridesmaid Tan takes Joyce shopping for a gown to wear to the wedding. Tan explains that she and Mama Joyce are close – and that Joyce prefers Tan to Carmon. Tan, however, is very upfront with Joyce by calling her out for her treatment of Todd and also reminding her that everyone needs to support Kandi.

When Kandi shows up, she sits Joyce down to ask her about Titus' allegations of restraining orders and being banned from seeing his daughter. Mama Joyce flips out and accuses Titus of cheating on her, which is why the marriage ended, and claims that he never wanted to be around or pay support. It seems like Kandi needs to take a trip to the courthouse and pull some records to see if this restraining order is out there, but I believe Kandi's father because Mama Joyce's current behavior leads me to believe that's exactly how she would have treated her ex. Plus, she's been married like four times. #ActionsSpeakLouderThanWords. 

Back at home, Kandi also has to tell Todd all the things Mama Joyce has been accusing his parents of. You know, like that time when she said Todd's deceased father was a pimp and his mother was his hoe? Kandi doesn't have the heart to confess that Mama Joyce called Todd's mother a prostitute, but she does reveal the pimp accusation and that Todd "learned the hustle" from his dad. Todd is speechless and also disgusted. He tells Kandi he is going to confront Joyce. Then he warns Kandi that he will not be living his life with her mother doing all this. Kandi gets mad and starts to yell at Todd, claiming he can't warn her about anything. Oh lord … don't let that Mama Joyce side come out Todd. I'm worried for him – you know what they say about women becoming their mothers! 

To take a break from Mama Joyce, Todd goes to the gym with Apollo Nida (gag – isn't he in prison yet?). They discuss prenups and Todd reveals he still hasn't gotten it from Kandi. Todd wants one that benefits both of them. Apollo counsels him to have an opinion and not just sign whatever is put in front of him, which is what he did when he married Phaedra Parks. And luckily he'll never have to worry about what it says, because they're happily married and never getting divorced, right?! <eye roll>

OK – this seems like storyline drama to me. 1) Why would Todd, a professional, be taking advice from Apollo about money? Apollo's only profession is conning. 2) Of course Todd would have an attorney look over a prenup before signing. Still, Todd looks concerned about the situation. 

After that, Todd has a talk with Kandi's father Titus, where they discuss the crazy that is Joyce. Titus basically spells it out: Mama Joyce is nuts, needs to be stopped, and she cannot keep running her mouth so slanderously. He said it much more eloquently, however. Titus supports Kandi's marriage to Todd (Mama Joyce would probably accuse him of being nice so Kandi doesn't cut him out of her will cause he too is after her money!). Reading between the lines I think Titus is saying he hopes that Todd will stand up to Joyce the way he never did because if he had, he probably would have been better off! 

Then Todd tells Titus he knew he was in love with Kandi while they were in bed(ewwww….TMI!) and she asked him to pray with her. Well at least they're getting right with the Lord now, Kandi's father says. Ummm… Todd, as a father you should know – a father never wants to hear the words "While we were in bed together" where his daughter is concerned!

Finally, Kandi asks Mama Joyce to walk her down the aisle at the wedding. Except Mama Joyce doesn't want to give Kandi away… to Todd because she does not want Kandi to marry Todd. And Mama Joyce, the bitter old crone that she is, tells Kandi this – in front of Todd! Instead Kandi needs to give Joyce away to the authorities – or the insane asylum! 

At that moment Todd has had enough. He calmly and respectfully confronts Joyce about her treatment of him and most specifically why she is now making accusations about his deceased father. Joyce claims Todd's father's "legacy" out-lived him and she heard from people "on the streets" that he was a pimp. Todd wants to know who exactly these people are? Are they the same people she tried to hire to set him up and blackmail him? I want to know what the streets have to say about Joyce because from what we've heard about her past those streets have a lot to say… 

todd tucker has had enough of joyce's lies

Joyce starts her screeching about how Todd controls Kandi, but he can't control her and he has no business addressing her about these claims. Kandi is frustrated that Todd chose this moment to confront his mother, but Joyce is out. of. control. and the things she is saying have serious consequences – especially because I'm about 99.9% positive they're all crazy ass lies. Finally Todd reveals that he is not sure he can commit to a life of Joyce looking over his shoulder, making up lies, slandering him, and always wishing him ill-will and it has him reconsidering his marriage. Which is exactly what Joyce wants. I am so sick of this woman! 

You know what, Todd's father has been dead for 35+ years, so I doubt there are any reliable gossips still running around talking about him. Second of all, even if Joyce has PROOF that Todd's father was a pimp she has no business ruining Kandi's wedding with drama. Especially since Todd's father has passed away and Todd is not a pimp. 

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