RHOC Shannon Beador

Last night on the Real Housewives of Orange County, Heather Dubrow presented Tamra Barney with a generous opportunity to promote CUT Fitness on Good Day L.A. While Eddie Judge showed appreciation, Tamra showed bitch face. Then Tamra proceeded to berate Heather for co-hosting Good Day L.A. – five months ago – while a different gym was promoted. Tamra acted like an ungrateful brat the rest of the night. A drunk ungrateful brat.

So Shannon Beador took to her Bravo blog to complain about Heather – not Tamra, mind you, but Heather. I can't. Don't get me wrong, Heather annoys me, but bitching about her while ignoring Tamra's drama queen antics? Yeah, no. 

Out of nowhere and with her enemy safely out of sight, Tamra announced that she needed to replenish the blood in her alcohol, err, alcohol in her blood. #DependsOnTheDay  "When Tamra, Lizzie, Danielle, and I were sitting in my living room, Tamra announced that she was feeling uncomfortable," explained Shannon.  "I had numerous conversations with Tamra about her feelings that Heather talks down to her. I wanted her to be honest about how she felt." 


The deer in headlights look on Tamra's frozen face when Shannon suggested she confront Heather was priceless – and very telling.  

Shannon added, "I was very taken aback that Heather asked Tamra to 'pick a side' between the two of us. I have never and would never put a friend in that position. It was frustrating that just 24 hours after my meeting with Heather, there was yet another issue with her. I don't want to have a rivalry with her, yet I will always voice my opinion if I believe someone has been creating issues unnecessarily." Huh? Apparently Shannon needs a flashing neon arrow pointed at Tamra's smug bitch face to see when SHE is creating issues unnecessarily. 

Shannon complained about Lizzie Rovsek telling Heather that Tamra and Shannon had been talking about her. On the show, Tamra hissed, "Lizzie needs to STFU," and Shannon barked, "who put Lizzie in charge?" #TeamLizzie Nevertheless, the damage was done, so Tamra and Shannon gave Heather a taste of her own medicine. She, who is rude and abrupt on a regular basis, was shocked when Tamra and Shannon "ambushed" her. Boo. Hoo. Hoo. 

"I understand why Heather said she felt ambushed though that was never my intention," insisted Shannon. "Lizzie brought the topics up so at that point everything was discussed. The facts as to what took place between Heather and Tamra are irrelevant to me because it happened in the past and I wasn’t part of it. Both Heather and Tamra deserved the chance to say what was on their mind. Tamra clearly had additional things that she wanted to say."

Yes, Tamra had a lot to slur say about Heather. The point Shannon missed is that Tamra planned only to say those things behind Heather's back. 

"What upset me on this night was the tone in which Heather was speaking to Tamra, almost scolding her, and I had to say something," shared Shannon. "It was my intention to absolutely discuss the 'pick a side' comment alone with Heather and I am not happy that it was brought up in a group environment. When I explained to Heather that I was upset, she never confirmed or denied that she made the comment. Tamra told me she did. I do not see a reason for Tamra to lie to me about it." 

Shannon concluded, "I do not like to argue – and it is especially upsetting for women to bicker like this. I do not understand why Heather would say such a thing. People are capable of having multiple close relationships." 

Um, if you do not like when women argue and bicker, the Real Housewives franchise is not for you. Seriously. 


Photo Credit: Bravo