Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Stevie J. Posts $25,000 Bond After Being Arrested For Owing More Than $1 Million In Back Child Support!

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How sweet of Mona Scott Young! I hope Stevie J. names an entree after her at Sleazy & Zino's Bistro and Bar. She deserves it after posting bond for him after he was arrested Monday for failing to pay in excess of $1 million in child support. Okay, so I'm not totally positive that Mona ponied up the cash for Stevie's bail, but I'm also hoping that one of the script writers from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta will see my proposed story line and hire me to help create the most ratchet of reality television. I'd so love to be responsible for the words that come out of Joseline Hernandez' mouth!

As you know, the Stevie J. bus was parked in jail after the ridiculous reality star was nabbed for allegedly owing $1,107,412.00 in back child support for the two kids he had with ex-girlfriend Carol Bennett back in 1997 and 1998. He's a class act, that one!


Stevie's child support payments raised from $6.6K per month in 1999 to $8.5K per month in 2011…not that he cared as he hasn't paid anything–allegedly (I need to remember that word!)–since 2001. The law finally caught up to him this week. I guess starring on one of the most talked-about reality shows isn't the best hiding place. Lesson learned.

Thankfully (I write in my sarcasm font), Stevie didn't have to waste away in prison too long this go 'round. According to Page Six, he's already home and "feels great." Of course he does. 

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara claims that Stevie earns upwards of $27,000 a month but hasn't put a penny towards these two children in well over a decade. He apparently didn't get the memo that Stevie's "White House" isn't going to pay for itself (although VH1 could technically pay for it, but that doesn't make my joke work… 🙂 ).

Not surprisingly, Stevie's lawyer believes these claims are "preposterous." I guess the judge for the Southern District of New York will decide if that's true. That's the next stop for the Stevie J. bus after being released from his quick stint in Fulton County Jail in Atlanta. 

Beep! Beep! All aboard! 


[Photo Credit: VH1]