Shannon Beador Admits To Problems In Her Marriage, Her Poor Decision To Confide In Tamra And Her Drinking

shannon beador cries over impending divorce

Shannon Beador has been a pretty open book so far this season — her first — on the Real Housewives of Orange County. But after last night's episode, it seems that clashing with Heather Dubrow is the least of her problems.

During the show, we saw a shattered Shannon, confide in Tamra Judge about the problems in her marriage and the fact that her husband had even gone so far as to send her an email suggesting that he move out of their family home for a bit.

In her latest Bravo blog, Shannon opens up about her realization that she came to about her marriage and the consequences of confiding in a housewife.


Before the drama unfolds, we see Shannon putting her kids and her husband to sleep before walking around, looking lonely.

"David wakes up at 4:30 am every morning so he goes to bed when the kids do, around 8:30 pm. I am a night owl so I usually stay up late at night (and watch my Bravo shows!). Watching the show has knocked sense into me about the clock I need to keep. I am glad that you get to see one of my "A-ha!" moments. It literally hit me in my interview that I need to change my clock as a first step to improving my marriage."

Shannon has been complaining all season that she wants to spend more time with her husband. Well, step one would be making yourself more available on his hours. The simple fact is that he works. You don't. His hours are set. Yours are not. If you want to spend more time with him, change your schedule.

It seems to us, the viewers, that Tamra and Shannon have gotten very close, very quickly. Plus Tamra has had well-documented marriage problems. So it just made sense that Shannon would talk to Tamra about her marriage troubles. But then Tamra jumped to conclusions and mentioned 'divorce' in her interview, much to Shannon's dismay.

"When David and I got into a bad argument, it made sense to me that I would approach my new friend to confide in her. I never told her that David and I were splitting up or even discussing it. I never gave her a copy of the email he sent to me. It was never said in the email that David wanted a divorce and I am disappointed that Tamra would even make that inaccurate statement about such a serious topic. You see in the previews that it might not have been the best decision to confide in Tamra."

But Tamra wasn't done discussing Shannon's marriage. Not only did she mention it in her interviews. She also told Heather about it at lunch.

"I was disappointed to hear what Tamra said about me at her lunch with Heather. I had been nothing but supportive of her and her continual discussions of her issues with Heather. It has never been and never will be a goal for me to get in "the middle" of any friendship."

The ladies also discussed Shannon's drinking — which to the viewers does seem heavy — but doesn't it always seem that these ladies are boozing it up?

"I also am frustrated with the drinking comments. While I absolutely enjoy a cocktail, I do not drink vodka straight. Last week you finally see that I order a Grey Goose neat, but also a large sparkling water. I mix the two together. I usually get two to three drinks from my one shot of vodka. Enough about a drinking problem!"

Unfortunately for Shannon, this does not seem to be the end for the discussions about her drinking. As Shannon mentioned above, next week it seems to come out that Tamra told Heather about her discussion with Shannon and the email and all hell breaks loose, and in the previews it seems that Shannon has had a couple of cocktails.

Stay tuned….


[photo courtesy: Bravo]