Shannon Beador

Shannon Beador has wasted no time inserting herself directly into the drama on this season of the Real Housewives of Orange County. In her first season, Shannon has gotten Vicki Gunvalson to try feng shui and acupuncture and stepped on the toes of Heather Dubrow.

In her latest Bravo blog she dishes on the other ladies, her love of shooting her family Christmas card and covers her chin and nose job, which we were told about on Monday's episode — complete with a before and after!


It was pretty funny to see the contrast — or lack there of —  between Heather and Shannon by the way they handled shooting their families annual Christmas card. Heather's seemed to be on the backlot of a soundstage, where she may as well have been the director of photography, while Shannon's was shot in their home, while still maintaining the same amount of direction by a housewife and mom.

"Both Heather and I clearly get involved in our family photo ops. I thought it was funny to watch each of us wanting the best shots possible! Clearly we have some similarities!I did not or do not "talk about Heather all the time" and I am definitely not obsessed with her! I met Heather for one afternoon before she introduced me to Tamra and Vicki and I have certainly not "disrespected" her in any way."

As previously mentioned, while taking part in a make-up lesson, Shannon let Lizzie in on the 'secret' that she had a chin and nose job. (Isn't that the norm in Orange County? Perhaps throw in some boobs??)

"Tonight you get a glimpse of me "pre-nose and chin job." I had the surgery my sophomore year in college and thought it would change everything! No one really noticed afterwards which I thought was crazy! Dr. Robert Singer clearly made them look like they were naturally mine! As we learned how to properly apply makeup when not sitting at a stoplight, the girls asked what to expect from my upcoming holiday party. I am a believer that as long as you have good food, good people and good booze, you have a great party — classic and traditional. (Stay tuned next week!)"

If the housewife tells us to stay tuned for a party, believe me I am going to tune in!! Maybe all the petty stuff between Heather and Shannon will come to head. Maybe Vicki will freak out on everybody. The freak out potential is limitless!!

On to the sit-down between Heather and Shannon. It really does seem that Heather is being paranoid and not liking Shannon for silly reasons. She clearly blew up about the whole #chairgate situation. I personally think she is just uncomfortable with the status of her relationship with Tamra and Vicki and is perhaps jealous that they are becoming close with Shannon….

"I don't really understand what Heather is saying when she states, "I'm not a paranoid person, so if I feel someone is talking behind my back, it's probably true." Is she psychic? I don't walk around talking about her all day. I have a life! I can't keep talking about this chair thing. Heather's "perception" of what happened is wrong. Her "side of the story" never happened and I am tired of hearing about it. Heather taking her chair back never "set me off." Enough."

"When Heather tries to explain why she feels "left out," it is frustrating that she speaks to me with her finger pointed to me. She told me she was traveling over Thanksgiving break so I never invited her to a football game because she said she was going away! Apparently she flew home from back east with her family on the day of the game and said that she could have come to the game after they landed. There is no way I could get in a car and drive an hour to a football game after a six-hour flight, but apparently I should have asked because she and Terry may have come. I am a "more the merrier" type of person. There was no bad intent to exclude. Clearly Heather and my "perceptions" are not on the same in many instances. My gut is telling me that it is not really going to change either, but I am a positive person. I like to move on. We’ll see…"

I agree Shannon, it is probably not going to change. Both Shannon and Heather seem to keep doing small things to each other that are just piling up, which will — fingers crossed — lead to a complete explosion! And when that happens we will be there!!


[Photo by: Rudy Martinez/Bravo]

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