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Andy Cohen is the ringleader when it comes to all things Housewives, not just the reunions. The former Bravo executive is the man we have to blame for our weekly obsession. It all started with an idea to go behind the gates of Coto de Caza and see how the other half live in the Real Housewives of Orange County.

Now we have multiple versions that we can watch a couple of nights a week, all year long. Thanks Andy!

But when Andy really shines is when he is trying to referee a housewives reunion or interacting with guests on his late night gab fest Watch What Happens Live!.

Andy recently opened up with a few snippets into what it is like to host a Housewives reunion, how he preps and what WWHL guest made him the most nervous.


Andy started all the Housewives reunion talk when he posted the above photo from the the set of the Real Housewives of New York City reunion on Instagram. "It's Friday the 13th. Perfect Day for a reunion!!! #RHONY." Do we really need bad luck when it comes to anything that involves Aviva Dreschcer — surely not!

The New York ladies have had quite a few jaw-dropping moments so far this season. Bookgate, Ramona throwing a wine glass at Kristen, Sonja's breakdown at the horse races. Even though he shared a snapshot from the reunion, that is about all he will give away.

"It was everything I love about a reunion – drama and laughs," he tells the Dish by Bravo. "There is something absurd that always happens, but at RHONY there were too many to count. I thoroughly enjoyed myself at this one!"

He seems optimistic about it now, but there have been rumors for months — even before the ladies tried to stage a salary stand-off before this season — that Bravo was not happy with the ratings and would even overhaul the entire cast or recast for season 7. Truth be told — I would love to see Aviva Drescher go bye-bye and maybe even Ramona Singer. Perhaps they can drop some big bucks and bring back Bethenny Frankel?

Time will tell about next season. This season's reunion will air later this summer. So just how does Andy Cohen prep for Housewives reunions? I would think be exercising his voice in order to be able to be heard over all the squawking. But instead it is something completely normal…

"I anticipate them being emotional and amped-up," he says. "I used to get anxious. And now, it's not even a big deal anymore. I used to go for a run the morning of, and I would be like, 'I have to get my head into this.' My head's already in it. It's just kind of another day at work now."

Perhaps because he now has more experience with the entire interview process because of WWHL. This is the guy who got Cher to slap him, Oprah one-on-one and Ralph Fiennes to read erotic fiction, as Lord Voldemort, while wearing pajamas on live TV. 

But which guest made him the most nervous? Bette Midler? Meryl Streep? "I think I flirted with Ricky Martin too much," he says. "And I sweated a lot which I hated. I hate it when I get overcome in sweat…I started to get a little nervous. The thing that happens when I sweat is that I realize that I'm sweating and I sweat some more."


[photo courtesy: Andy Cohen]

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