Ramona Singer Explains Her Appalling Behavior — Poorly BTW

Ramona Melts Down In The Woods

Was anyone else confused by Ramona Singer's behavior last night on the Real Housewives of New York City? First she gives Kristen Taekman a half-ass apology for throwing a wine glass at her face. Then the next morning she is caught packing by Carole Radziwill, right after she calls her friend to come and get her in the Berkshires. Then on a hike through the woods, she is so traumatized over some leaves and fallen trees that she has to leave the Berkshires immediately, without even saying good-bye to her bestie, Sonja Morgan.

After all these years on camera did she not think that we could all see her calling her friend to come and get her long before her traumatizing hike? I have long since given up on trying to explain Ramona Singer and her bad behavior. But in her latest Bravo blog, she tries to justify her actions….


So we all saw Ramona throw a wine glass at Kristen Taekman's face, all because Kristen dared to splash her on a lake! The nerve! Nevermind that Heather Thomson also splashed her. Last night Ramona kind-of offered up an apology. On her blog she went into further detail.

"Once I got on the lake and in the canoe, I became very relaxed. I was really enjoying the scenery, the calmness, and the environment– much to my surprise. I was actually feeling happy that I came. When Kristen splashed me, it did not feel playful. I reacted by throwing the plastic glass. Never in a million years did I expect it to hit her body — let alone her face. But the bottom line is, I should have never thrown it. It was totally un-ladylike and improper. After this incident happened I was shocked and in disbelief at my own behavior. The last time I threw something was at my father as a teenager."

By the way, on last night's episode her "teenage" years ranged from 20 to 30 years ago in her Pinot Grigio haze. Seriously, I laughed out loud every time she mentioned being a kid, because every time was a different decade. I think she has been lying about her age for so many years, she can't even remember how long ago it was.

She also tries to explain her apology to Kristen. "When we got back to Heather's house I could feel Kristen was not going to accept my apology. So, as a defense mechanism I gave her a back-handed apology. Or maybe I was just so embarrassed about what happened that I did not know how to even begin to address it.

Anyone who watched the episode, knows that is not how it went. She did give a 'back-handed apology', but then she kept yelling at Kristen about splashing her, basically blaming her for the whole incident. Because throwing water and throwing a wine glass are the same thing, Right?!?!

Ok, now stay with me as Ramona tries to explain her "hasty' exit from the Berkshires.

"Thank goodness I have a very good friend, Adam, who can fly at a moments notice. I explained my situation and asked to him to pick me up from the Berkshires and fly me to the Hamptons. He assured me that he would be there for me if needed. He said the flight was 20 minutes to the Berkshires and an hour to fly to my family in the Hamptons."

"When I was packing, I pretended to be organizing, as there were no dressers in the room."

Even she admits, she made the call to leave and was packing before her hike in the woods.

"Walking in the woods, seeing the abundance of ferns growing, seeing the dried leaves on the ground, the fallen large logs. . .suddenly I felt very vulnerable and emotional. The eeriest moment occurred when we walked upon a spot that transported me back to my childhood. It looked identical to the place where I played make-believe as a child."

Between my anxiety and the flashbacks I was experiencing — and let's not forget the tension with Kristen — I knew I had to leave ASAP."

Uhhhh, Ramona, your friend had already told you he was on his way to come and get you. No need for the bad acting. Now, I am not saying, Ramona may not have had a horrible childhood, but using that as an excuse to flee? Not cool.

Never mind that you didn't even tell Sonja you were leaving. It was almost sad to see you turn your back on her, while she continued to stand up for you to the other girls.

I am looking forward to next week since the girls decided to confront Ramona about her actions. Could someone bring up the timeline of events please?


[photo courtesy: Bravo]