Mady And Cara Gosselin Rebel Against Kate Gosselin; Kate Defends Putting Kids On TV

Cara And Mady Gosselin Rude To Kate

It's not difficult to imagine that having two atrocious parents who are self-absorbed and narcissistic would take a toll on one's self-esteem. Add to that living your life on a series of embarrassing reality TV shows featuring your parents acting like trainwrecks.

Mady Gosselin has always been the most challenging of the Gosselin kids – and the one who openly rebels against her mother Kate Gosselin.  One thing is for certain -no one can anger ol' momonster Kate like Mady can! 

In a new clip for the TLC Gosselin special Kate is seen trying to come off as more warm, fuzzy, and laid-back (while sporting a super-shiny too tight to move face) as she plans a carnival for the sextuplets' upcoming birthday. Unfortunately for her, Mady openly calls it a "stupid" and upsets all Kate's plans. "This isn't fun. I don't want to be part of it," Mady snaps. 


The interview segment is even more telling! Mady tells producers she does not see herself as a role model to her younger siblings and does not care what they think of her. 

"Ugh – I'm an awful role model," Kate Jr. Mady complains. "Have you seen me? I'm so bad!" It's hard to tell if Mady genuinely feels badly about herself, is just in the throes of teenaged defiance and angst, or is trying to sabotage her mother's desperate return to TV

Cara, on the other hand, refuses to make eye contact with the cameras or her mother, while she fidgets with her sleeve and mumbles. "They look up to these girls," Kate insists, referring to the younger Gosselins. Basically what I'm seeing here is that Mady is Mini-Kate and Cara is Mini-Jon.

Today Kate appeared on Good Morning America to promote the special and defend her decision to continually put her kids on TV – despite ex-husband Jon's wishes

“I never would have agreed without asking them. I checked with them. They absolutely agreed to do it," Kate insisted. "[They were] excited, screamed and wanted to know immediately, ‘When’s the crew getting here?’” Probably because in front of the cameras Kate is a lot nicer – plus they get to take vacations. 

You can catch a video clip at Starcasm

Kate Plus 8 returns tonight with a celebration of the sextuplets' 10th birthday. 

[Photo Credit: TLC]