Brandi Glanville Defends Calling Seven-Year-Old Son A F–ker; PodCast One Disables The Episode After Controversy!

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Aaaahhh… Brandi Glanville. We can always count on her to be the most raunchy and profane, can't we! On her weekly podcast Brandi discussed parenting with actor Jake Lacy where she complained about her own son Jake and called him horrible names. 

"My son’s name is Jake – he’s 7 – he’s a complete a$$hole, but we love him. Oh man, he’s a d-ck, seriously," Brandi quipped. Proving that Jake has inherited his mother's mouth, Brandi continued by stating that Jake often quotes Ariana Grande's song Problem when addressing his mother.

According to Brandi, to shut her up, Jake will say, "I've got one less problem without you." Welp – it's better than quoting a LeAnn Rimes song, right?! Although how does a seven-year-old even know that song? #BadParenting


​The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star says she has no problem responding in kind to Jake! "I’m like, ‘Go f-ck yourself!’" Brandi also brandished her son a liar, who doesn't care that he gets in trouble. 

In addition to Jake's dirty mouth, Brandi laughed that she's “already, like, booking rehab for Jake down the road”  and that he's also inherited a nasty quirk from his father Eddie Cibrian – womanizing! "He’s basically got to second base with a lot of chicks already!" Brandi announced. Even worse, Brandi compared her little "f–ker" son Jake to his older brother Mason. “I have an 11-year-old who’s awesome. He doesn’t lie, he’s really sweet, he kisses me when I ask . . . he’s my baby.”

Well, well, this poor kid – imagine knowing that your mom is saying all of this about you. But they're probably used to it having a mother (and step-mother) that constantly slam each other in the media and act embarrassingly trashy on television. These kids do need rehab – rehab away from their toxic parents! 

After being slammed for her comments, Brandi hopped on twitter to defend herself. "I joke about my kids &dogs being assholes sometimes cuz honestly the can be but I love them more then life!!people that know me know that!" Brandi wrote

Brandi added, "OMG I jokingly refer 2my kids&dogs as lil assholes sometimes cuz they can mom called us her lil- shits-stop taking things so seriously" For a 'writer' Brandi sure can't spell (or construct sentences) for s–t, btw! 

Although Brandi insists she is not apologizing or recanting, PodcastOne has disabled the show and it is no longer available for download or listening! Of course, this isn't the first time Brandi has come under serious fire for her podcast comments – she previously took heat for joking about child molestation. Just yuck. 

I think it's fine to complain about your kids (Lord knows, I certainly do!) and all children seriously test their parents (Lord knows mine do!) but it's important to consider the medium and platform. I also think the profane language takes it too far. I can sympathize with feeling frustrated by your child's behavior, but tone it down a bit and SET THE GOOD EXAMPLE – something Brandi (LeAnn and Eddie) all seem to neglect to do. 

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