Tamra Judge Admits, ‘I Feel Like A Jerk For Lying To Shannon’

shannon confides in tamra about her marital problems

Ok, am I the only one who cringed watching Tamra Judge lie to Shannon Beador's face on the Real Housewives or Orange County? Shannon was at Tamra's house to confide in her new friend about her marriage troubles and specifically an email that Shannon's husband had sent to her, suggesting that he move out for awhile. Tamra was the only person who Shannon had told about the email, plus we had already seen Tamra tell Heather Dubrow about said email while having lunch at a restaurant.

Next thing you know Shannon is asking Tamra if she had told anyone about the email, because she gets a text from her husband saying Heather was discussing the email at a restaurant. Tamra looked her new friend in the face and lied to her, saying she didn't tell anyone. Which actually kind of threw Heather under the bus….Ok, now that we are all up to speed, we can cover what Tamra had to say about the whole situation in her latest Bravo blog.


"Shannon called me the day before she came over and told me about the email. She was crying so hard and I told her if she needed to talk to come over any time. When I was at lunch with Heather I asked Heather to give Shannon a break because she was not in a good place and she was having some issues in her marriage. Heather asked me in a very concerned way, "What is going on, is Shannon OK?" I then told her that David had sent her an email. I asked her to please not repeat it to anyone. I just wanted to explain to Heather why Shannon needed our support."

Honestly, it seems innocent enough. You are asking a friend to give another friend a break and simply explain why she deserves one. But a lot of the problem from the big lie was that Shannon went to Heather's house to confront her, and in another cringe-worthy moment was asked to leave by Heather when their conversation got a little too loud.

"I think it took a lot of guts for Shannon to go over to Heather's house and confront her. I also understand where Heather is coming from. Last time she saw Shannon was at her holiday party and it did not go very well. So I'm sure Heather felt like she owed Shannon nothing. Shannon claims she was thrown out of Heather's house but I am not so sure I see it that way. I'll admit Heather did not have much compassion for Shannon but Heather never yelled at her or kicked her out of her house. I do not want to judge Heather for what she did, we all have our moments."

Guts, yes. It took a lot of guts for Shannon to confront Heather. But the oddest part of the whole situation is that even Shannon knew at the time that Tamra was the one who lied. She really did look like she was lashing out to whomever would listen to her.

But really, the whole situation goes back to Shannon and Tamra's original conversation. Tamra was relating to Shannon's behavior, because she, herself, had been there.

"I have been in Shannon's shoes before so I relate to Shannon. Four and a half years ago I was in a similar situation in my marriage: I made bad choices and lashed out to people that didn't deserve it. When Shannon showed up at my house and she was telling me more about the email and how heartbroken she was, it killed me to see her so hurt. So when the text message from David came in and she showed me I thought, "WHAT THE HELL, HEATHER WOULD NEVER DO THAT." I knew there was no way that Heather would have told anyone about our conversation! When Shannon asked me, "Did you tell Heather?" I panicked and lied to her. At that moment I had was in shock, I wanted to talk to Heather and find out what happened — we all know how these things get twisted."

Ok, so what were our big lessons today. Don't gossip about your friends' marriage and then lie about it to their face. Seems simple enough, but these Housewives just don't seem to get it. But, frankly, I am ok with them doing it. It keeps me interested.


[photo courtesy: bravotv.com]