Tamra Judge Custody Update: Therapist Says Simon Barney Lied Under Oath

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Things have been pretty ugly in the four years since Tamra Judge and Simon Barney divorced. They have long been locking horns when it comes to what is best for their three kids, Sidney, 15, Spencer, 13, and Sophia, 8.

Simon tried to claim the first victory, trying to make it seem that his petition to not allow the kids to appear on the Real Housewives of Orange County was accepted by the courts. He even went so far as sharing a photo high-fiving his lawyer, but in actuality, the case is still on-going.  That was not enough for Simon, who then claimed that Tamra was a neglectful mother. (Btw, if you ask me, Simon just seems like a vengeful, publicity-grabbing ex.)

After the claims of neglect, Tamra told People magazine, "I am saddened by the false stories my ex-husband has released. He has no foundation to his allegations and in my opinion will do anything to destroy me. Unfortunately, he is hurting our children and my family in the process." 

And now, the family therapist is siding with Tamra, according to documents released to AllThingsRH.


In court documents that were obtained by AllThingRH, Renee Hulse the Barney family therapist, says that abuse was never indicated by Tamra or Simon.

“I am currently the therapist for Sidney Barney,” Hulse writes. “I have met both Simon and Tamra on numerous occasions about all three minor children and the parenting skills of both parents. Based on my numerous meetings with both parties and the children, I have no problem advocating that Tamra is a great mother of her three children. She cares deeply for all three children and has never done anything intentional or purposeful to hurt her children.”

Uhhhh, take that Simon. But Hulse was not done with him yet. She continued, “I have reviewed Simon’s declaration filed with the court on March 28th, 2014, and made a part of the public record, where he states at page 5, paragraph 37: “One of the therapists whose findings concluded that the physical pain Sidney was experiencing was due to anxiety.”

"Simon attached my letter dated January 5th, 2014 to support his statement,” Hulse says. “The comment and representation by Simon, under oath, is a lie,” Hulse insists. “Nowhere within my letter is the word anxiety or physical pain even referenced. My letter has been taken out of context and it is being misrepresented by Simon.”

Uh Oh! Sounds like Simon may be in trouble not just with his claims, but with the judge as well. Lying under oath is a definite no-no. Here's hoping he gets what is coming to him for running the mother of his children's name through the mud.


[photo courtesy: Brian To/WENN.com]