The Real Story Behind Kandi Burruss’ and Todd Tucker’s Prenup


We have all been witness to the drama that has surrounded the wedding between Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker on The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi's Wedding. And not all of that drama has had to do with feuding future in-laws. As we saw on Sunday night, two days before the couple was set to head down the altar, the prenup had still not been signed, threatening to have the two lovebirds call off their big day.

Now is reporting what exactly were the sticking points within the prenup that were threatening Kandi and Todd's wedding day.


First, I have to say, I was dying to know specifics. Although they talked about the prenup on Sunday's episode and both Kandi and Todd mentioned it being 'financial' hold-ups, no specifics were really given. Before we go into specifics, let's cover what we already know.

Kandi shot down a couple of rumors about the prenup drama on Watch What Happens Live, earlier this week. First, Todd did not get the prenup two days before the wedding. "Todd and I had been talking about the prenup and my attorney had been telling him to get in touch with an attorney.  Todd didn't even get an attorney until two days before the wedding.  I don't want to put anything on it like it's his fault.  It's both of our faults."

Ok, so Todd had the prenup and was kind of dragging his feet. Seems typical of someone who is not happy with the terms within a prenup. It was also mentioned that Todd's lawyer was under the impression that Todd was some sort of intern for Kandi, and made no money on the play he produced with Kandi last year. According to, the reason for this misconstrued fact is that Kandi put up all the money for the initial production. Now that the play was aired last season, it seems to be making profits, after Kandi's initial investment, which the two will split 50/50. also gave a list of what Kandi's prenup initially offered up to Todd:

If Kandi dies Todd gets nothing

If they divorce he gets NOTHING and has to be out within 30 days (This after Todd contributed about $50K in down payment money for their mansion)

All the profits from any joint predictions are Kandi’s

Kandi gets half of all Todd’s earnings

And what Todd's lawyer eventually responded with.

Todd still has to get out within 30 days if they divorce, but he gets his $50K down payment back.

The profits from joint productions are split AFTER Kandi gets whatever money she put up back.

Kandi does not get any of Todd's earning from projects she is NOT INVOLVED IN. For any project that Todd uses her name to get (like the Housewives, or the spinn off show) Kandi gets half.

Although it is not mentioned that these are the terms in the prenup that was signed, the couple did go through with their wedding, so something was signed.

Here's hoping these two are in it for the long haul and do not have to worry about any terms in their prenup.


[Photo Courtesy: Kandi Burruss on Instagram]