Kandi Burruss Admits She’s Stuck In The Middle Of Mama Joyce And Todd Tucker!

todd tucker has had enough of joyce's lies

Last week on Kandi's Wedding, animosity between Mama Joyce and her future son-in-law Todd Tucker continued to grow. And Kandi Burruss continued to be trapped between a rock and a hard place. 

In her Bravo blog, Kandi admits that being in between her mom and Todd is stressful, but she also discusses her relationship with father Titus and his revelations about Mama Joyce!

Kandi says since the wedding her relationship with her father has "somewhat" improved – but she blames herself for the distance. "He does try to reach out more. I am the one who needs to do better. I guess I am so used to the way our relationship always has been, so now I don't think to call that often. This is something that I have to work on."


Now onto the gory details of Todd vs. Joyce! First of all, Kandi explains why she was bothered by Todd warning her about Joyce! "I just didn't like what he said. I don't take it well when people say I'm warning you as if it's a threat… I don't like threats." Personally, I think after all of Joyce's shenanigans, Todd deserves to assert himself. 

Kandi says being caught between her mother and husband is "extremely frustrating" and leaves her feeling overwhelmed. "I was hoping Todd would stay cool. My mom can be abrasive and she takes things to the extreme sometimes. When she gets like that talking becomes pointless. That's when I get quiet and turn on my ignore switch, but I know everyone can't ignore her. I'm glad Todd kept calm though."

You know, if Joyce would just mind her own business and stop putting Todd down and lying about him constantly, Kandi wouldn't have this problem. And she also wouldn't be stuck in the middle if she was brave enough to confront her mother! 

Tonight Joyce will come face-to-face with Todd's mother Sharon – you know the woman who Joyce accused of being a prostitute after she heard it "on the street". Carmon will also argue with Kandi's fellow-BFF and bridesmaid Tan

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]