Ramona Singer Tells Her Side Of All The Montana Drama In Her Latest Bravo Blog

Real Housewives of New York Ramona

Oh, Ramona. Only you could break down the latest drama from the Real Housewives of New York City by skipping over some juicy tidbits and instead whining about your beautiful cabin and criticizing Kristen Taekman for her hosting — or lack there of — duties.

The original New York Housewife is full of opinions about what went down when the ladies visited Montana. And based on the readability and the amount misspelled words, I can only assume this was after a bottle of Ramona Pinot Grigio. (Editor's note: I cleaned up Ramona's blog a bit, just an fyi so you don't think Suzy's wrong about there being errors.)


There were two huge cabins for six people while they were staying in Montana. Meaning there were three ladies per cabin. Carole Radziwill honestly took one for the team by bunking with Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan.

Ramona writes, "I really enjoyed having both Sonja and Carole as roommates. Carole is easy going and we do get each other. She has a dry wit that I am getting used to. Sonja always puts a smile on my face and is so likable, funny, and easy to be with. I really felt I had the best two women to room with, so I was happy about that."

If it had been me, I would have slept on the couch in the other cabin if I had to. Just to leave Ramona and Sonja to their own drunken antics. But if you see Carole's face in a few of the scenes, it is like she stayed with them for the entertainment factor. It looked like she was watching TV instead of looking at the women she was staying with.

Now, apparently Ramona was okay with her roommates, but she was definitely NOT okay with Kristen — the hostess — and her plans to bring in someone to cook for them every night.

"The accommodations were beyond stunning. But being in a house all day and in the middle of nowhere, it would have been nice to go out. I had been with these women for three days in the same place already. A little variety in scenery would have been welcome! The last thing I wanted was to stay in again with another chef. I wanted to see a change of venue. I think it's nice when you travel to experience different things. . .even when it comes to where you are having dinner."

I find it funny that she talks about wanting a change of venue, when really she just wanted a change of company. When pleading with Kristen to plan an evening out, all that Ramona mentioned was meeting cute bartenders and waiters. Not enjoying local cuisine or a local club. Yep, sounds like the venue is what the problem was….

But that was not the last she had to say about Kristen Taekman. Suffice it to say that Ramona was not impressed with Kristen's ability to play hostess.

"Kristen is very busy with her children and it's obvious she does not entertain that much. She really should have asked Sonja or I or even Heather to help plan and arrange things so they would have gone more smoothly."

"The whole geocaching was ridiculous. No one wanted to do it. It was out in the open, in the glaring hot sun, in the middle of the day. Kristen chose the hottest time of day to walk around for this hunt. No one was into it at all except her. As a hostess Kristen should have realized this and ended the game herself. The only fun part was watching Heather get cheeky with Kristen."

Is anyone thinking that Kristen should have maybe thought twice before she invited Ramona? I mean this is the woman who has thrown both wine and a wine glass at her this season. I love that Ramona calls out Kristen for being wrapped up in her family. Uhhhh….kettle meet pot. How many times has Ramona demanded attention about Avery? Or used her daughter as an excuse to get out of doing something?

Ok, now for once I agree with the geocaching thing. It did not seem like anyone was into it. But the ladies — especially Ramona and Heather Thomson — were being rude to Kristen. Your job as a guest is to be polite. Kristen was trying to keep you entertained.


Also, check out the videos below for Never-Before-Seen Housewives fights, including an extended version of Sonja and LuAnna's argument about the facialist.

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