Kim Kardashian Earned $28 Million Last Year – Find Out How!

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Say whatever you want about pimpmomager Kris Jenner, but the lady knows how to make that money! Case in point – her daughter Kim Kardashian reportedly earned $28 million dollars in 2013!

With ratings for her reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians sinking, her fashions universally mocked, and her relationship (and marriage) to Kanye West constantly reviled, it's impossible to imagine how Kim earned that chunk of change! Are sex tape royalties that good?! Apparently not, but showing up places sure is. 

The bulk of Kim's earnings come, not from endorsements or TV appearances, but sadly from appearances – that is showing up at a club, a store or restaurant opening, parties, or events.


For instance, Kim was paid $500,000 to be a billionaire's date at the disastrous Vienna Ball. She also hosted a New Year's Eve party at 1 Oak in Las Vegas, where she earned a reported $1 million. Who is paying to see KIM anywhere – you can do that for free on social media. Sadly. 

Kim also earns a bulk of her revenue from her various fashion lines and other products such as Kroma Beauty and Kardashian Kollection for Sears which features everything from lingerie and swimwear to purses. Kim, plus sister Kourtney, recently launched a Kardashian Kids collection for Babies R Us. Despite the fact that many of their Sears wares have been spotted deeply discounted, their promotions and advertisements along with product sales garner Kimmie Kakes a a huge chunk of change to terribly klothe her own huge butt! 

The 3 eldest K sisters, along with Kris, also own a string of DASH boutiques, largely managed by Kourtney, but all the same Kim is a partner and gets a sizable cut. Buy her out Kourt – you know she doesn't do any work! 

Just how much did they gross? $600 Million in retail, which netted the sisters $300 million after the standard wholesale cut. Kim also receives a small amount of revenue for tweeting, instagramming, or blogging paid advertisements. 

I'm starting to think Kim must be paid to wear bad outfits – I mean that would explain 2031's horrid and reprehensible wardrobe choices, right?!

According to Forbes Magazine, despite Kourtney and Khloe's dominant presence in the tabloids their appearance fees command far less than Kim's. This year Kim landed at number 80 on Forbes highest earning celebrity list. Shockingly she lands above such talented and intelligent individuals as "Meryl Streep, Gwyneth Paltrow and Natalie Portman, as well as powerhouse authors Stephen King, J.K. Rowling and Veronica Roth."

It's pretty sad that a sex tape hoochie turned reality star turned A-list hanger-on, ego-stroker at the side of Kanye and his terrible "styling" and insane demented ramblings can be pulling more celebrity status than someone like Meryl Streep. But alas, still no one likes or respects Kim… so I guess money can't buy everything! 

Speaking of which, I can only imagine how much Kim will have earned in 2014 after being tied to Mr. West legally. Help me. BTW: How much is Kim paid for ignoring her daughter?

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