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When the pinot takes over, Ramona Singer finds herself in trouble!

Days after reports emerged that the Real Housewives of New York star and husband Mario Singer were spotted arguing about her drinking on a vacation to rekindle their nearly-terminated marriage, Ramona got out of control at an upscale Hamptons gala! I thought she was a classy lady?!


Exhibiting all the manners that make her the Upper East Side's premiere society hostess (sarcasm), Ramona was spotted by attendees "dancing like a dog in heat" and having a full-scale screaming meltdown after she misplaced her purse and phone in a drunken stupor. Hopefully she did not pull a Sonja and misplace her panties. 

Ramona arrived at the swanky American Heart Association’s 18th Annual Heart Ball in Bridgehampton with Mario – and Ramona was doing everything in her power to keep Mario's eyes on her! Witnesses report that Ramona's inappropriate behavior included violating dress code with an attention-seeking gown and molesting Mario on the dance floor. 

"The invitation’s dress code suggested 'chic cocktail, ’70s-inspired' and 'glitter & sparkle,'" reveals Page Six. Ramona unfortunately took that to mean American Hustle and wore a “flashy floor-length gold gown.”

Eyewitnesses describe that Ramona was “dancing provocatively all over her husband,” who “seemed disinterested.” Ouch! “She was humping him, dancing on his leg,” an onlooker reported. “It looked like two dogs in heat.” OH MY GOSH – Double ew! This display of salaciousness went on for about an hour. The longest hour of attendees lives. 

After spending time on the dance floor Ramona was unable to locate her purse which she insisted she left at her table. “Ramona was frantically running around. She was screaming at the wait staff, demanding that everybody stop and look for her pocketbook,” recounts a witness.

Ramona's panic wasn't over losing her wallet – but her phone! Ramona's phone reportedly had "intimate photos" the couple had taken in St. Barths. Apparently both Singers can play the nudie pics game

Ramona, fearing she'll wind up on The Dirty was desperate to prevent the photos from leaking. “She’s afraid that someone’s going to get the topless photos off the phone,” a friend shared. Another source Sonja calls the story ridiculous, insisting the photos were “just bikini pics,” and “Ramona was just having fun.” 

Ramona never found her phone, but in an attempt at damage control had it disconnected. Does she really think anyone wants topless photos of her? I mean, no offense.

I don't know about you, but I'm just hopeful Ramona's blowout wasn't destroyed. I bet the real reason she was so distraught is that her bang curler was stashed that bag! 

In other Ramona news, she's been bragging about plans to open a restaurant to showcase her Ramona Wines. "She’s partnering in the Italian eatery Alfredo 100 on East 54th Street," says word on the street. 

Above, Ramona from the Hamptons gala where she embarrassed the hell out of Mario

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